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SEGA Rally II could have been a system seller if it wasn't rushed out and it was coded to the metal using Set 5 development kits. If DC Sega Rally II had the visuals of the Arcade version, the head to head online player of the Japanese version. It would have been a winner
Yeah, an arcade perfect port with solid online play would have made lots of people happy.

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VF 3TB was ace and is a brilliant fighter, but sadly the internet myth grew and grew that it wasn't Arcade perfect, when it was like 99% perfect. But the more somthing is said on the internet and repated the more people think its true
Well, I don't think any Virtua Fighter game would be a system seller in the West. But I remember the rumours that isn't wasn't a great port circulating, and put some people off the game. The PAL version not having a 60Hz option was stupid.

A great thing about most PAL Dreamcast games was they actually had a 60Hz option , so Sega not delivering that from the start with two of their big name games was very strange.