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    Quote Originally Posted by shinobi7000 View Post
    I never forgot that there was nudity in Way of the Dragon but I never figured out she was a hooker. Saw it a long time ago...
    Maybe I was reading too much into it, and they just flirt and he gets the wrong idea and bolts when he sees her nekkid.
    The actual scene was longer, but Lee cut it because it's the first of his films with nudity and didn't want any negative criticism for doing an erotic scene.

    There is a section in the airport at the start where he eats about 5 bowls of soup, scares a kid and gets dirty looks from a woman and you're just thinking, when's Chuck Norris going to turn up?

    Quote Originally Posted by shinobi7000 View Post
    There are alternate cuts of Game of Death. I know Bey Logan found some stuff but I can't remember what other footage or differences there are. One of them might be labelled as workprint I just can't remember at all.

    I just know of the discovered footage. It's clearly Bey Logan doing some of the dubbing!
    Looks like there's a longer version called "Game of Death: Integral" that tidies up a lot of loose ends like that cardboard head (what were they thinking?!) and overdub actual Lee cries in the fights etc.

    You always know better than me on this stuff though, mate!

    Check out Headshot and Man of Tai Chi if you get chance. I've been impressed with them both.

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    Thanks for the compliment but I really don't know much. I'm finding I've forgotten a lot of stuff, my memory used to be perfect. Plus when you're more immersed in a hobby you soak in and retain more stuff, perhaps.

    I will try to watch some of the films you've recommended in this thread but I don't know when that will be. You always spot good action. I go months without watching any kind of entertainment sometimes.

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    I found the Game of Death workprint. I've just scanned a bit of it it seems almost like rehearsal footage and other bits like scenes shot without audio. I know where I got it from years ago but I don't know if it was from any release as a bonus or where else they sourced it from. I can't check either.


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