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    No Man's Sky NEXT [PS4/XB1/PC]

    A.k.a. "How Hello Games tried to redeem themselves in the eyes of the internet and ended up breaking their game again".

    The original First Play has been lost to the depths of Space btw.

    So I was the biggest fan of this game when it came out, despite the general opinion online. The Foundation, Pathfinder and Atlas Rising updates expanded what could be done and actually made the game better. NEXT doesn't help. Everything that you had unlocked is now obsolete. Your base has been "archived". And you are undoubtedly lightyears (literally) from where you were previously.

    I spawned next to a planet with rings, which is cool. Then I tried to fly through the rings. They are more of a visual halo that you can't actually get closer too. I get it but still a little bit of a shame. I landed on my freighter, approached the flight deck and fell through the floor. I died of radiation exposure. At least that was accurate.

    I respawned on one of the other planets in the system - lo, out very own Vanpeebles joined me. We waved at each other a little, I made a small mountain and he left me alone once more. I returned to my freighter to gather my dropped belongings, jumped out of my ship AND FELL THROUGH THE FLOOR AGAIN.

    I reloaded my save and here we are.

    Long story short, get a new freighter.

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    Haha, was funny that. I tried to make my man look like the spaceman from Nodes of Yesod. I need to get used to playing that game agan. I’ve lost all my base, and my big spaceship full of pearl plants

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    After another few fixes.

    After reloading my save I was completely unable to access any Options/Touch Pad menus, so no crafting and utterly useless.
    I quit and reloaded and all was right again, even my freighter.

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    Is there now a possibility that I will come across other players who will shoot me out of the sky? If so, I shan't be playing.

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    I stopped playing because I expected them to make you start from scratch.

    I might pop on whilst people are giving it another go.

    I'll probably get wound up pretty quickly at the tiny inventory restrictions, though.

    I've worn hot pants with pockets than can hold more stuff than my spaceship.

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    I mean erm... swimming shorts.

    I've worn swimming shorts with bigger pockets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassius_Smoke View Post
    Is there now a possibility that I will come across other players who will shoot me out of the sky? If so, I shan't be playing.
    Yes, there doesn't seem to be a way to opt out of being online. You either have to start a game that others can join or join friends/randoms.

    That said I didn't see anyone joining my game, but there really should be an option of making it friends only or solo only. Not everyone likes the multiplayer experience, so why force this on people? You can set "Network Play" to off, but it doesn't appear to stop people joining your game, it just seems to turn the player list of people in your game on and off (they are still there).

    I've had issues with missing resource files being missing (so the text is just a reference to the ID key to the actual text), cockpit animations on constant repeat, not being able to get off ladders inside bases because you're stuck to invisible/non-existent things, the construction menu getting stuck on materials with no way to escape from it other than bring up the option menu and the game crashing to desktop.

    The core game loop has not changed, it's still the same mundane mining of resources, Hello Games hasn't improved the need to constantly refuel or made the game any more interesting to play - it's stripped out any old techs from old saves.

    There maybe some scope for co-op base building, but I haven't seen any evidence of randoms wanting to do that. There doesn't seem to be any anti-griefing measure in place either (actually, I *might* be wrong on this as you can turn base sharing on and off and it's off by default - I'm just not sure what that option does as there's not much info around it other than making it discoverable - I don't know if it protects the base having it turned off).

    It's probably better to start from scratch, but then you've got to go through that whole grind process to get back to where you were :/

    The only quality of life change I can see is that you no longer have to upload discoveries, this is now done after you've waiting the ten seconds to scan something automatically.

    So no, my opinion on this game hasn't changed simply because they've tacked on multiplayer - it's fun for the first couple of hours, then it goes to very average and eventually to tedium due to all the things that make this game frustrating to play for any extended period (like making scanning take time to complete - or mining lasers overheating, or having to gather fuel so you can take off after every four launches, or having to waste time walking up stairs in the space station before you can do anything - time wasting exercises that are only fun the first couple of times and then become tiresome after that).
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    So is this an update/new game?

    I’m lost!

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