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    Vita games & 360 imports

    Looking to increase my Vita collection.

    Items I want :

    Exist Archive US cart only
    Steins;Gate Non Linear Phenogram JP
    Demon Gaze II Global Edition JP
    Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus Asian
    Meikyuu Cross Blood Infinity Ultimate JP
    Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds JP box only(This was a dlc code in a box anyway)
    Stranger of Sword City Revisited JP
    Dragon's Crown JP
    Odin Sphere JP

    Will consider anything at the right price.

    UK or JPN versions only unless stated.

    Also looking for the following 360 bits:

    Espgaluda II JP - Region free standard release.
    Stranger of Sword City JP

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    They have/had some Infinity stuff in The Works at ridiculously low prices, along with a few Skylanders bits. I’ll have a look next time I go to Tesco.

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    The Works sells them? I'll check it out as I go past one on the way home from work.

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    Shame you don't want the Star Wars stuff...

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    All the Star Wars figures are 2 new here. Plus you're in Canada!

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    Yeah true. Can't get figures here for a long time. I was going to get the racer playset for the PS4 but then got the whole Infinity Gold set through Steam for $11.

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    Had a look in t’Works and asked the young lady, they only had a few left for a fiver each. A few Donal Ducks, the Mad Hatter, a couple of Star Wars characters and two I had no idea who they were.

    I’ll have a look in Smyths, they can’t seem to give their Skylanders away, I’ll see what they’re saying about Infinity.

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    She has Donald and the Mad Hatter.

    Any more than a couple of quid and I'm out, unless it's a more expensive one like Hulk Buster Iron Man.

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    i will get you a list together later but we have a massive box full of disney infinity, my son and daughter where really into these so we have a real mix of characters, Disney princesses, cars, starwars, inside out, good dinosaur, marvel, ect.


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