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    New old games thread

    Thought it might be an idea to start a thread where we can discuss indie/homebrew/re-releases for our favourite consoles. Perhaps we can use it to track development or give feedback on titles weíve purchased?

    Anyway, Iíll kick it off with some news if you havenít already seen...

    Tanglewood for MegaDrive is very close to completion (shipping within a few weeks) and the developer, Big Evil Corporation, has uploaded a new trailer:

    I posted a video here a year or so ago before the forum server threw a wobbly, and the responses were less than enthusiastic at the time. However the video I posted was of a very early conceptual build which featured little more than a sprite roaming around an environment. Development has come on a long way since then as you can see by the video.

    I backed this from the start and am very pleased with how itís looking now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
    I backed this from the start and am very pleased with how itís looking now.
    Is it just my eyes, or do the graphics look like they're running in 16 colours? Looks quite a like a Master System game. I guess that's because the developer chose a very subdued look, to make the environments feel moody. It's a stark contrast to something colourful like Sonic.

    I think the animation looks good - you can tell a lot of effort has gone into that aspect. Watching the gameplay makes me think it's a slow paced sort of platformer, so maybe not my cup of tea.

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    Looks pretty cool to be honest. I like the music. It's got an eerie vibe to it.

    Whats happening with that SOR style game being developed for MD - Paprium?

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    Maybe this is the right thread to drop these:

    Strand Games are remastering some of Magnetic Scrolls' classics, such as The Pawn and The Guild of Thieves.

    Piko Interactive are publishing a lot of homebrew / unreleased titles for retro consoles in physical form. The quality of said titles seems a bit dubious, but I'm thankful for their release of some of Legend Entertainment's adventures on GOG.

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    I got Pikoís re-release of the MegaDrive Duke Nukem 3D. The game itself wasnít as broken as the original Tectoy release thanks to the addition of a crosshair, but the game was still brutally difficult to finish. If Piko had reduced the amount of damage enemy fire causes then that would have been a simple way to make the game fairer.

    In terms of build quality it was nowhere near to a Watermelon release, and even Super Fighter Team releases are more professional. The thing that irked me the most about the Piko title was that the PCB was too thick so you have a hard time inserting it and removing it from the console. Probably causes the pins a bit of undue stress, I should imagine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post

    Whats happening with that SOR style game being developed for MD - Paprium?
    Who knows? Last thing I read about it was someone is going over the instruction manuals. Fonzie really isn’t too hot at PR unlike the guys behind Tanglewood. I hope Paprium launches in time for the Megadrive’s 30th anniversary.

    Xeno Crisis for the Megadrive looks awesome too. In game art by Henk Nieborg (Flink) and tunes by the rather talented Savaged Regime. It’s a Smash TV style shooter.

    Also so I’ve recently picked up Escape 2042 on MD cart and there is a MD compilation cart coming from 1985alternativo featuring 3 games and 3 demos.


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