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    The trailer for Star Trek: Picard... and oh man, that is some hardcore fan teasing right there.

    Also, 6 new Short Treks will lead into Star Trek: Discovery Season 03

    The animated spin-off Star Trek: Lower Decks is confirmed to be set post-Nemesis and the USS Voyager puts in an appearance.

    There's been confirmation that some of the shorts for Discovery will focus on the crew of the USS Enterprise and the showrunners have hinted they're pursuing the idea of a Pike/Spock/Enterprise spin-off
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    The trailer for Picard looks great! I am all over that and can’t wait for it. Lots of treats in that trailer but where is the dog?!

    The animated series I have only seen one image of but it looks so utterly predictable, like a parody of what an animated series should look like. But maybe it will still turn out to be good. Probably doesn’t matter much what it looks like but I was very underwhelmed by the look.

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    It wasn't that long ago I was thinking 'I wonder if they'll do a Star Trek series on Netflix or something, with a good budget.'
    Now I feel a little swamped in them.
    Still, Picard looks great.

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    Star Trek: Picard is to receive a three issue prequel comic called Star Trek: Picard - Countdown. Nope, it's not about Jean Luc learning to appreciate Richard Whitely repeats in his retirement, it's about a critical mission during the 20 years between Star Trek: Nemesis and the new show.

    Also releasing is: Star Trek: Picard - The Last Best Hope which is a novel that leads directly into the shows events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Star Trek: Picard - The Last Best Hope
    That's already been done.

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    I'm personally waiting for Star Trek: Picard - The Red Shoe Diaries Years
    A prequel detailing his on an off again romance with Beverley Crusher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    That's already been done.

    "Babylon 5 is a big pile of ****!"

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