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    The producer of Star Trek: Picard has somewhat agreed with criticism of the last few episodes of the first season saying a lesson they've learned is to plan the ending earlier.

    Meanwhile it sounds like plans for Star Trek: Section 31 have largely ground to a halt
    Finally, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is set to be much more episode-of-the-week based than the other recent shows with the plan being for the series to ape TOS in terms of using isolated plots with little in the way of arc. The sets and costumes have also been altered from how they appeared in Discovery to further evoke TOS.

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    Q actor John DeLancie has revealed that he is filming six episodes in total with Star Trek: Picard Season 02 being filmed back to back with Star Trek: Picard Season 03.

    It's been mentioned before that Season 03 would likely be the last season.


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