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    Forza 5 savegame reset - any way to recover?

    I've just fired up F5 for the first time in a couple of years and it thinks I have never played it. Is there any way around this? Should I try deleting the savegame off the console? Gah. I searched on the forza forums and seems it happened to several other people too.

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    I lost my progress (about 30 hours of progress) on Forza Horizon 2 to a similar issue. Unless the save syncs local to server when you first boot it up, because there's no save file management they can end up out of sync and if you're not careful a new local save overwrites the server version.

    I was never able to recover the save, making this post completely unable to help and thus a bit pointless. You can't be impatient on that sync, despite it taking ten minutes sometimes :/

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    It never offered to sync Dammit. Guess I'm screwed.


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