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    Astro Bot Rescue Mission getting some excellent reviews.

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    Started playing The Persistence tonight and I don't know how I feel about it.

    Certainly it's very immersive, and effective. I'm never normally fazed by horror movies or survival horror videogames, but in VR, you feel so much more "there" than with a normal videogame.

    Whilst it's certainly interesting to feel a sense of actual fear when playing a game, I'm not sure if it just makes it an unpleasant experience. It just feels like a bit of an ordeal.

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    Had a quick go on that free RTS Dark Eclipse last night. So cool to look at! Like playing a board game and actually being there. Sadly the controls kept hitching up while I was moving the Move controller about so I gave up before really getting into it but it's so cool the way you pick up your characters and move them around the board. I'll revisit it for sure.

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    Ass-tro Bot popped through the letterbox today.
    It's getting bonkers rave reviews.
    No time to play until the weekend, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuteros View Post
    PlayStation VR Celebration Sale on the US PSN Store.
    That on the UK Store too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    That on the UK Store too?
    No. There are a bunch of different sales going on at the moment* but none of them is VR-centric.

    * I wish they would have fewer but better sales, that didn't overlap one another and with consistent beginning and end dates.

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    Had PSVR since launch not played it for ages but Astro Bot has restored my faith in VR as a viable product for the future, now give me Tetris Effect Please


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