I want to set up my PS4, PS3 and HDMI stick PC so I can switch between them quickly. I've already bought a remote-operated HDMI switch by Buffalo but I've been wondering about controllers.

I've found this USB switcher for about 12 quid which lets you share up to four USB devices between two computers.

Also available are switchers that would let me share a single USB device with up to four computers. I could probably connect a USB hub to that single port and hook up my controllers/keyboard/etc that way.

As for controllers, these are the ones I'd like to share:

  • Keyboard with trackpad
  • Hori Fighting Commander (PS4/PS3/PC)
  • TE stick (PS3 version)

I'm hoping the single device options are literally just hardware switches without built-in hubs so there'd be no actual daisy-chaining going on. I know this can sometimes cause trouble. I'm not so concerned about controller lag unless it becomes quite obvious.

Does anyone use such contraptions?