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    Both of those are monstrosities! Imagine decorating your front room with that!

    One I do like is the Sega Sports Dreamcast. That's a nice machine, I'd really like one of those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakumo View Post
    That's the PS2 I have. I had no idea it was a special edition.
    It isn't. It's just a white PS2. (As pointed out on previous pages I see!)

    My Family GB Light was limited to 5000 units as I understand. Lovely machine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedlolita View Post
    It isn't. It's just a white PS2. (As pointed out on previous pages I see!)
    As I said, it depends on what you define as a "special edition". Personally I define anything which isn't the default version of any console, so I would include the white PS2s.

    It's not "limited edition".

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    We're well into the realms of pedantry here to be fair, but wasn't the white slim PS2 sold alongside the black one in Japan as a standard SKU? I would say the pearl white and ceramic white fat PS2s were both special editions, but not the later slim ceramic least not in Japan.

    Not that it matters

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    I've never bought a special or limited edition console. I don't understand their appeal. Providing a console isn't ridiculously large, dayglo yellow in colour and fitted with bright flashing lights then I honestly don't mind what it looks like. Other than occasional glances to confirm the status of my PS4 and Switch, I don't look at them. There are several beautiful things that attract my attention in my home: my dogs' faces, plants and flowers, the cherry tree outside the window, Van gough prints on the wall, a Buddha statue, handmade pots, hand stitched fabrics, but factory produced goods ain't one of 'em. But to each their own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, innit.

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    For me it's that the hardware being a bit different can look nice. Although some consoles do work better as special (or limited) edition consoles. For example the Nintendo GameCube, GameBoys or Sony PlayStation 2 all look great when not in their stock colour schemes. Probably nicer for handhelds than home based consoles.

    I like a lot of the Asian special/limited editions over the years but never owned any. I generally hate the western (not special) editions like the Gears of War or Halo 4 Xbox 360 consoles for example. Ones I particularly remember (not hotlinking) - probably loads of others that I have missed:

    Machines I have owned or own (in no order):

    • Gold Zelda Minish Cap GBA SP - sold, lovely looking GBA.
    • FFVII Crisis Core PSP - silver PSP, but UK release was a bit naff (no numbers etc.)
    • New 3DS XL SNES Edition - was a picture on here when it arrived. I needed a New 3DS and liked the look of this.
    • Red Wii Super Mario Anniversary - my launch Wii started artifacting (probably the GPU failing) so needed another Wii. Found a seller on Ebay with an unopened and brand new one for just over 130 - which I thought was a good price.
    • Zelda Wind Waker Wii U - pretty naff in that only the handset is different, and even then it's still the same black as the standard one. I only purchased it as I was looking for a Wii U and this was same price pretty much (I think 250).
    • Resident Evil 4 GC
    • Halo Reach Xbox 360 - was looking to upgrade to a Slim and this was a subtle looking edition. Loved the 360 and the different power on/disc eject noises. Only very recently sold and hopefully went to a good home.

    Nothing too rare, but apart from the SNES 3DS have all been used - usually as my only version of a console. The Red Wii is probably the nicest looking limited edition I have. I have a pre-order in for the new PS4 Pro 500m Limited Edition, but again if I do buy it, it'll just replace the existing PS4 Pro.
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    I bought one of these when I went to Japan:

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    Nice. Some of the special edition GBA's looked great.


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