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    FS Panasonic TX-P50G30B Price drop

    Just bought an OLED so selling my trusted Panasonic 50inch 1080p plasma. Great condition, with stand and remote. Lovely plasma TV that produces a fantastic picture, this was the flagship non 3D panel when it was released.

    Couple reviews here

    300,250,200 150 collected, final price drop before ebay

    Would trade for a Nintendo Switch or PS4 Pro
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    Sorry mate, Stourbridge, West Midlands.

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    300,250 200 ono collected, final price drop before ebay

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    Giving this another push as I've not got round to listing it yet. Anyone interested at 150?

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    I’m interested but not sure I’ll be down your way before the end of the year.

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    I can meet you somewhere if you're going to your parents at some point mate. I'm due a trip to the Warrington area soon which is sort of in the middle for us both. Or i can just keep it for you, no worries.

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    That’s good of you to offer. If you need the space just sell it. Otherwise I’ll be in touch once I know when I’m planning a trip down south.


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