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    Wait, do the Shenmue ports have an HDR output mode? That’s the first I’ve heard of it?
    Maybe not. The point I'm making is that we weren't on a PS4 Pro.

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    Would the Pro make a difference? I donít have one myself so Iím out of the loop.

    Love DF, by the way. Itís like the only reliable source of info for tech analysis. Itís a shame we donít have something similar for video transfers of movies (my industry).

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    For those playing...

    Does Shenmue 2 reintroduce the mahjong games?

    I read back in the day that you could play mahjong in the JPN version, but for the localisation this was cut. Apparently there was a sidequest requiring you to win a game of mahjong, and for the English version they simply made it so that you receive the item without playing. Or something.

    It was a long time ago. I don't remember if this was even true, or a rumour.

    Can you play mahjong in Shenmue 2?


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