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    Quote Originally Posted by dvdx2 View Post
    Sounds like a dogs dinner....
    So... the Switch port is already complete then?

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    Is there any difference between the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supergoal View Post
    Is there any difference between the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions?
    I am guessing a resolution bump

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    So has anyone tried it on launch day yet? My machine downloaded it but I've yet to boot it up.

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    I played it yesterday morning but had errands so only managed around thirty minutes. First cutscene after I woke up was buggy(camera pointed at the desk) but it was ok when I restarted. Some people thought the issue was for anyone playing in 16:9 but that isn’t necessarily the case. I think my version is patched already, too. It had no available updates when I checked.

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    What's everyone playing it on? Are the bugs fairly consistent across platforms?

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    PS4 for me. When I looked on Reddit, PC owners were complaining about the exact same issue.

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    PS4 Pro for me. I've had plenty of those buggy cutscenes, but if you save often, you can reload and try again and usually it works out fine. Pain in the butt for sure. The patch available on PS4 (1.01) is the same one that's been there since atleast Saturday, there's not been any further patches. The company responsible for the ports are actually based in the UK, d3t. They've said they will support the game post launch.

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    Any truth to the rumour in the Eurogamer comments section that the games won't run at all without the day one patch? It seems a bit unlikely but with the way the industry abuses patching these days, not too far fetched.

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    Xbox one X for me.Also had the cut scenes bugs and just hit another bug whilst fork lift driving.Wouldn't let me drop the crate and reverse


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