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    Shenmue 1 & 2 HD

    Just gonna list some things off that I noticed after playing Shenmue 1 for a few hours.

    Sound quality is bloody horrible. The English voice quality (not the actors performance, we all know that's bad) sounds like it was recorded over the phone, same as the DC versions, but it's still bad. There's some weird sound popping that happens at the start of someone speaking and at the end, like someone is turning on a speaker before and after nearly every line of dialogue. Don't remember this being that way in the DC version. There also seems to be some issues with playing sounds in general. I was training my jab in the park, and about 1 in every 10 jabs would produce no sound. I noticed it in a lot of other random places too.

    New interface is cool. There's a shiny new font, but it doesn't seem to scale that well, like the botton of a "g" would get cut off, this is a lot more noticeable when you scale the interface down to 80% (another new option). The collection tab is much better, listing every capsule toy from the start, albeit shadowed out for ones you are missing, so keeping track of what toys you are missing is way easier now. They give you the capsule toys originally obtained from Shenmue Passport for free, so you won't have any blanks.

    No magic weather option, which to the uninformed, was something you could choose when you started the game that mapped the weather that happens in game, to the real weather data of Japan 1986. I sorta remember that the real weather was a bit more boring, but the games weather had more snow etc.

    No leaderboards, no passport.

    Can't hide the pause overlay by pressing 2 buttons at the same time anymore. Pause screen now displays tips and controls, relevant to what you are doing. Sometimes, you can have the pause menu up and time will still be ticking. Such as when you press square (for information) while looking at the moves list.

    The move list has been tidied up a bit. No longer do you see a fullscreen graph, with lines indicating Learning, Moderate or Advanced. Now you just see the move name and a bar. The bar changes colour when you reach a new level of mastery instead. Green for moves you can learn, by guessing their input and performing it during training, or battle. Yellow for learned moves and red for mastered moves. Moves change animation, sometimes being faster, doing more damage or even adding aditional hits when they reach the mastered level. Previously, you could start training, press jab 20 times, then peek into the menu to see the progress you made on the move list, in blue. Right? I just did about 50 jabs in the park and noticed no change to my mastery levels, but when I woke the next day my jab was about 80% complete and in the master range. This appears that training is waaaaay easier this time 'round. Thank god. I will do more testing later though. iirc, most moves were easy ish to master by the end of the game except for throws, as you can't practice those solo. I hope this means I can finish the game with every move mastered without grinding for a million years.

    Save anywhere now, fantastic! Not only is it handy, but I can see it being useful to save scum some of the silly stuff like winning the lottery, or slot machines. There is no Load option in game though, so you have to back out to the title screen and click continue to do that. The save icons are little VMUs and the Options icon is a Dreamcast controller. Nice touch!

    I won a copy of Super Hang-On before I even got around to the You Arcade! But...There seems to be a control issue. In the arcade release of the game, you sit on the bike just like Ryo and lean to turn corners. For us, we got the analog stick. But for some reason even the slightest tilt of the stick puts you into full turn. It's either way too sensitive, or it just straight up digital, which is wrong. You should be able to half lean and take corners easier.

    More later.

    edit: forgot to mention loading.

    Loading screens are almost instant. You can be on the title screen and get into the game in about 5 seconds. I do have an SSD on my PS4. It is nuts.
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    There's already been a patch for both games, but it needs another one pretty badly There are annoying audio issues, missing sounds, popping etc as mentioned above I started to notice some weird clipping with character hands/arms mostly during cutscenes that I don't remember being there in the original games. Ryo's hands sometimes bugged out on me, holding objects all wrong. I just had a cutscene where the camera was pointing at the sky, or something blue anyway, with only rain drops visible. It looked like an old Windows Screensaver with the sound of Fuku-san and Ine-san in the background talking and making rustling noises. I suspect there is a bug with move learning too. I had Brutal Tiger developed enough that it no longer span me around and left my back to the oponant, but the next day it reverted to spinning me around again. Skill levels don't go down!

    I really hope there's a patch for launch day and that I'm just dumb for playing it early

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    Sounds like a dogs dinner....

    Even the original Xbox version didn’t feel right to play. Glad I held onto my DC versions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarioMark View Post
    How does Tom look in HD?
    Dread..ful. But his hotdog is massive.

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    It's really inexcusable that ports of games of this age for fixed hardware platforms would need post-release patching at all. Can't begin to say how disappointing it is to read about these basic issues after so many people have waited so long for these versions to find their way to release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarioMark View Post
    How does Tom look in HD?
    Can't wait to try his 1080pickles

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    I so want to buy this but it sounds like a hack job. For a game of this caliber not to get the same treatment as Shadow of the colossus is a shame.

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    According to Happy Console Gamer there's a launch day patch coming tomorrow for sound issues, etc.

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    Now bring power stone with online play, you capcom feckers!


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