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    Hardcore - Megadrive

    An unreleased Megadrive game from DICE will finally see the light of day next year...

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    The developer of Tanglewood is involved with this release so hopefully we'll see a Megadrive cart released down the line.

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    "Eurostyle". Clicks stop on video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    "Eurostyle". Clicks stop on video.
    It looks bloody awesome to my eyes.

    I remember reading about this game a while back - and it didn't sound like it would get a release.

    I would love a boxed version for the MD. Or even just a ROM so people can actually play it on the hardware it was made for.

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    Reminds me of ‘GODS’ the bitmap brothers game but with guns sort of..

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    Does that look like it would run on a Mega Drive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutmymilk View Post
    Does that look like it would run on a Mega Drive?
    It was made for the Mega Drive. Psygnosis cancelled it, despite it being 99% complete. There was also going to be a MEGA CD version.


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