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    Border Break - PS4 will it work for UK?

    Hi all,

    I am thinking of importing Border Break for PS4, as its F2P.
    Will I be able to play it on an UK PSN account? Any drawbacks that I should be aware of?
    I am in 2 minds to get this, or Super Robot Wars X, which is English subbed.


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    It should work fine, every Japanese or Asian game with an online component worked without a hitch on my main account (which is US).
    I think DLCs from the PSN Store will be linked to the Japanese account; maybe they'll be made available for every user on the system if they are cosmetic.
    If purchases are done in-game, without accessing the PSN Store, then they'll probably be linked to the account making the in-game purchase...if you're able to do so with a non-Japanese account.

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    This is super positive, thanks for the input.

    I loved the arcade version, im hoping this lives up to it.

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    Anywhere selling the nifty custom controller?

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    I played the beta on a UK account so it will work fine. HOWEVER, there are two types of DLC on PS4, consumables and content. Content is stuff like maps or whatever and if the account you purchase them on is has your PS4 set as your primary console, you can play that on your UK account. Consumables are tied to account though. So virtual currency, exp boosters etc can only be purchased (or code redeemed) on a Japanese account and are then bound to that account. This affects F2P currency stuff but some DLC is flagged as consumable and you wouldn't expect it to be. For example, Gundam Breaker 3 came with a code for a new Gundam suit but I think it was flagged as a consumable so I could never see it on my UK account where I was playing the game.

    My advice would be to download the free version of it before buying the premium version because most likely you won't be able to use the DLC on your UK account. Not sure if anyone has tried the premium version on a UK or US account and if that information is out there.

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    I have nothing to add to this conversation except a picture of a sweet, sweet mech:


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