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    Arcade Tracker

    Is there a site that tracks what arcade locations have what machines? Like which cinema still has a House of the Dead or whatever?

    I really want to have a shot on Sega's Lost World but have no idea how to get to one.

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    Thanks for that. Next time Iím in Brighton with the lads, Brewdog will be a must-visit. They got SSF2X and HoD in there as well as fantastic beer.

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    I've been meaning to start a thread along these lines for ages. I thought it would be good to get a list going of all the arcades in the country and what games they have. Now someone else has done it for me! Nice

    I didn't know that Brewdog pub had Street Fighter 2. If I ever decide to leave the house that'll be where I go next.

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    I know, it's great. I just happened to come across it the other day while looking out of interest to see if there were any other Time Crisis 5 machines in the UK other than the one in Namco Funscape in London (there are, there are two others, one at Arcade Club I think).

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    Yes, have a look here:
    Can someone clarify for me, is that how the site is meant to work?

    I can search for a location, but although it brings up a map, clicking on the pins doesn't tell me anything about them - and the list of machines beneath it is a bit of a mess, with overlaps and text spilling out. I had assumed clicking the pins would filter the list below, but it doesn't.

    I love the idea and I really want to see that succeed, but it'd be great if they fixed these issues.

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    Great idea, poorly executed presently but kudos to whoever did it for even getting it up and running.

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    Yah the site is incredibly whack to use. It's actually easier to just search google for the name of the cab you are looking for + "arcadelion" to find stuff.

    As you say though, kudos to the people who got it going. I notice the chap who runs Las Vegas in Soho has contributed quite a few entries.

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    There are massive holes in their database. The thread asked for arcades, not a job!


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