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    Tomorrow Never Dies is one of my favourite Bond themes.
    I love Sheryl Crow's vocals and the Barry-esque strings harpsichord.

    I was playing the amazing "Nobody Does it Better" on my guitar for my daughter earlier.

    I got a better response when I played "Baby Shark", to be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    For England, James?
    No. For me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I got a better response when I played "Baby Shark", to be honest.

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    1. License to Kill
    2. Goldeneye
    3. Live and Let Die
    4. Man with the Golden Gun
    5. You Only Live Twice
    6. The Living Daylights
    That'll do.

    I've not seen any Daniel Craig ones so can't comment on them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anpanman View Post
    As for Skyfall we were here a couple of weeks ago;
    Barry Island?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    Barry Island?
    No, it's Hashima Island also know as Gunkanjima as it looks like a battleship, off the coast of Nagasaki.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Moonraker (1979) (Used to love this, but upon rewatch, it's terrible. Just terrible. The double-take pigeon especially)
    Moonraker is probably my favourite of the lot, despite its overarching cheesiness. I loved it as a kid and watched it hundreds of times. Obviously, as an adult I can't help but notice the kitsch now, but Jaws is the best baddie of them all and, best of all, I've actually been to the very spot where Roger Moore watches one of Drax's planes take off over the bay in Rio.

    I saw this in France once too, when I was living there, and Michael Lonsdale did all his own dubbing for the part of Drax. And Jaws is called "Shark" in French.

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    I still haven't gotten around to ranking all the films but this weekend we watched Spectre for the first time since seeing it at the cinema three years ago and...

    -Casino Royale
    -The World is Not Enough
    -Tomorrow Never Dies
    -The Living Daylights
    -License to Kill
    -Die Another Day
    -Quantum of Solace

    Knocked Spectre down and if it weren't for how poorly directed Quantum is then it'd be bottom of the pile. Blowfeld is wasted in the film, he's such a grinning moron and completely lacking in a sense of threat, Lea is a terrible Bond girl and completely unconvincing as one strong enough for him to commit to and walk away from the job as he was willing to do with Vesper and Craig is so robotic at this point that you finish with zero interest in seeing him continue in the role.

    However, the single biggest issue-one that is hard to level against even the more poorer Bond entries- is that the film commits a cardinal sin...

    It's god damned boring. From opening to ending, it's so laboured and dry with little humour, an eye weary beige colour tint and the action is limp at every turn. Honestly, Royale aside, I really struggle to see why Craig's run is so well regarded. So yes - yes - It's take Die Another Day's excesses over this turgid bout of misery any day.


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