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    I already miss the pixel art but that's a great trailer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    I already miss the pixel art but that's a great trailer.
    I was hyped, and was going through the trailer and really like the 2d art and animation, seems like classic enemies have been given a makeover but still have similar sort of look

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    Looks utter crap and like a mobile phone Flash game...

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    Looks okay, but I really don't like the "drawn" look. Didn't like it with SSF2T. Maybe they should have took the Sonic Mania approach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baseley09 View Post
    Oh dear.
    Oh double dear.....

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    Was enjoying the trailer until it got to the gameplay footage. Ahm oot!

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    Really like the look of that. It will never be Streets of Rage 2 but looks like it could be a fun update - here's hoping it turns out more Doom 4 than Sonic 4.

    The only thing I didn't really like in that trailer was the music. It was fine, but of course the point of comparison is Koshiro's stuff, and it certainly comes up short there.

    I'll be interested to see how this turns out. While I love the SoR games, I'll be honest - scrolling beat em ups struggle to hold my attention these days. Some new additions to add more strategy, a greater range of moves and a faster pace will be what I'm looking for.

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    Looks as bad as Windjammers 2...


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