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    For thread fifty four:

    Clue - Godzilla wasn't the only...
    ...copyright infringement. Itís the Shinobi series!

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    I never bothered with the first couple of games as they didnít score very well in reviews... and after purchasing the AES cart of 3 for a rather princely sum I spent all of about 20 minutes with it Too many games, not enough time and Iíd rather play Last Blade 2 anyway.

    Iím sure Iím my own worst enemy at times... I drive myself nuts

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    The first time I played the original game I was amazed by the graphics and it reminded me of Fist of the North Star with some of the special moves. They seemed to be trying to be original and not just some SF2 clone but it wasn't as enjoyable or fluid to play as SF2.

    I never got to play the sequels until years after they came out. I liked the third game a lot but for some reason I found it getting criticised online a lot so it's nice to see people appreciating it in this thread. Although I'm sure in the past it's not really had much praise.

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    There's something asthetically off-putting about the AoF series that I can't quite put my finger on. If an arcade game doesn't draw me in emotionally then it doesn't get any action. Still never played one to this day.


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