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    One question I've always had...If they can build synthetic Humans, why not Synthetic Xenomorphs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassius_Smoke View Post
    One question I've always had...If they can build synthetic Humans, why not Synthetic Xenomorphs?
    That's the whole point of Alien Resurrection. They've looked at cloning Xenomorphs but it hasn't worked, so they're looking at whether they can produce them via other means. The books went into this a bit more, how WY wants the Xenomorphs because they are an example of bio-engineering that is way beyond Earth's, amd their bodies contain chemicals and enzymes that could be powerful tools and weapons if researched.

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    Alien and Aliens are stone-cold classics, of that there is no dispute.

    Alien3 has some interesting ideas, but is pretty boring, which is a almost as criminal as killing off Hicks and Newt in the first five minutes, liberally urinating over the preceding film.

    Resurrection is a pretty average sci-fi film with the director of The City of Lost Children and Delicatessen shoehorning stuff in that doesn't fit.

    Prometheus is pretty to look at, but a stupid, nonsensical film full of supposed genius scientists doing ridiculous things.
    Aside from running in a straight line from rolling ships, doing pull-ups after major surgery, letting an infected man onboard the ship, taking helmets off on alien planets, scanning for viruses and declaring nothing found on a planet of never-before-seen creatures and people going bonkers really quicky, here's what these "professional" "scientists" do:
    Archaeologist picks up an alien skull, thousand of years old, and just chucking it in a sack, rather than carefully excavating it. Obviously, they drop the bag. Archaeologist, who study historical artefacts to understand past civilisations, is upset there's nobody alive.
    Geologist claims he's in it for the money, like it's some rockstar profession. Maps out the entire underground tunnel system. Gets lost.
    Biologist finds phallus snake, calls it a she, doesn't back away when it rears to strike, tries to kill it. Gets killed.

    Then Covenant came along and made those scientist guys look like geniuses!
    You couldn't even tell who was supposed to be a scientist. They were just red shirts.
    They endangered the mission because they heard "Take Me Home, Country Roads".
    Characters actually say "I'm off for a whizz, I'll be right back" and "I'm going to freshen up, I'll be right back".

    Urgh, it just depresses me that they've pissed away a great franchise after the first two.
    To me, Alien and Aliens are canon, everything else is fan-fiction.

    The true Alien 3 film would be Ripley and Hicks taking Newt to a theme park on Earth and they surprise her by saying they're getting married and they'd like to legally adopt her. They give her a gift to celebrate, but it's an alien egg! The egg bursts open but a cute puppy is inside and it was just a hilarious joke and they laugh as the camera fades to black with the viewer knowing everything is going to be just fine.

    I did laugh re-reading the revolting animal stories in the original Prometheus thread!

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    I don't know if Blomkamp would have been right for Alien 5 but if Disney ever decides to revisit the franchise hopefully it's something more in tune with the first two, bringing back soldiers who are much less likely to be questioned on their decisions but still capable enough to fight back


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