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Thread: EDF 5 PS4

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    There’s some great missions on this. Just hi-octane, frantic blasting, with some nuanced strategic thought required. Having human teammates really makes a difference - it affords an entirely new angle for tactical considerations.

    Levelling up weapons is a great addition. It moulds guns into the category of ‘old favourites’ by honing key performance statistics, genuinely making a difference. It means that current weapons aren’t necessarily abandoned in favour of new weapons.

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    Yes there are some fantastic weapons, one of the biggest factors is accuracy, been trying to get one of my assaults upgraded but without much success, I've found L80 is great for collecting I can now beat it fairly easily on Inferno. Used to use one of the super powerful but slow and long load time guided missile's but now I've got the guided by wire M90's upgraded with loads of hit power and nine of them in one load it makes it much easier.

    Really enjoying it now.

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    Those flying frogs are great. They’re like the dragons off 4. When they did a bombing run all in a line, I fired my grenade launcher at them and nailed about twenty with one hit. Good times.


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