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Thread: EDF 5 PS4

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    EDF 5 PS4

    Only done the first twelve levels but to sum up in one word so far I'd say 'disappointed'.

    The overall look of the game reminds me of one of the Vita games, I personally think it doesn't look as good as 4.1.

    New things are;
    Enemies show damage so you know which ones are on their last legs so to speak.
    Weapons get upgraded, at the end of a mission you get info on new weapons collected and which of the weapons have been upgraded - more power, longer range and so on. This seems to be random for example the weapons you use in the mission probably won't be upgraded, this could be linked to weapons crates, perhaps collecting a weapon you already have increases its power.
    You can now sprint but just for a limited time
    Jumping is better, you can now use to climb up hills and also jump over large gaps between shipping containers
    There is an additional attribute slot as well as the two weapons, not too sure on this - the wife can't translate game terms to English very well and the daughter can't read all the kanji. I do seem to be able to sprint for longer so maybe your character get upgraded as well.

    Level one is basically a training mission, you start by moving your sights up and down, left right - a bit like the intro on COD4. You go through jumping, sprinting (is on L3 - like COD4), you then go to a target range and shoot your weapon - like on COD4 and then shown how to switch weapons, like on an FPS game where you play a new entrant in the SAS - can't think of the name.

    Level 2 is where it starts proper, but is a drag. Run a fair bit, shoot some ants, run a lot more, shoot some ants, run a lot more, shoot some ants.

    If you have 4.1, you'll know that you are straight into the action from level 1, EDF5 has only really got anything like this at level 10 and you are still running around a fair bit.
    Level 12 is spiders with the first dropships you can actually hit but seemingly not destroy.

    Other moans, when sprinting you get an odd zoomed in camera view which doesn't help things.
    Lighting effects with rockets seem (to me) overdone, in EDF4.1 you had a nice reflection of the flame from the rocket motor as it travelled but in EDF5 is just looks a bit OTT.
    You can't carry two of the same weapon.
    Only used Wing Diver sparingly but I don't get the same level of control/feedback when using the flying mode.

    Still early days but I really do feel that the levels seem 'forced', I think that the sprint function may have to be utilised a fair bit in this game which could ruin it a little.
    I bought a second hand copy in our local Geo and there were absolutely shed loads of them, going back to a similar time after EDF4.1 there wasn't anywhere near as many second hand copies so perhaps the Japanese gamers feel the same way as me.

    I'll update as I play through more.
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    Played to level 19.
    We have weather, I've had snow and rain.
    Collecting health crates improves the health of your guys which is a welcome addition.
    The third attribute includes vehicles so Ranger can use helicopter and so on. There are some attributes like detector and health repair but haven't been able to get them to work.

    Play wise things are getting better, I've got the frogs which seem fairly intelligent, their weapons pack a punch and they will try to flank you when there are a few of them.
    Level 19 is the first tunnel level and well designed, you have control of lots of troops which is handy as the last wave of enemies is huge, the health replenishment comes in handy.
    Aside from the first combat level (2) which I played on Normal I'm playing through the game on Hard setting.
    Your guys seem to be more intelligent than in 4.1 but still can get lost - early days though.

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    I feel a disturbance in the QC Force coming...

    I can't remember what put this game back in my mind the other day but I'll definitely have time to read the running impressions as even if they turn around and announce a quick release date for the game the boat has somewhat sailed for me. They've taken so long to release it over here that for the rest of the year my attention will be going on other titles now making this a 2019 title at best for me, much of that resting on how far behind Iron Rain is

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    Still available to pre-order in the US PS Store, nothing on the EU store.
    Still listed as December 31st.

    I'm not sure what I'm doing about this now as they're really dragging their feet, 2025 is BC on the One and I have 4.1 on the PS4.
    Plus a bazillion other games to play.

    Thanks for the honest feedback though, @Anpanman. Keep it coming.

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    Played to level 32.

    More weather effects, a duststorm and a nice snow effect on a massive battle with the frogs where it started snowing halfway through and the snow started 'sticking' on the ground - nice touch. Keeping with the level design, one of the locations has been an industrial complex, you can climb stairs to the top of metal towers for a better vantage point.
    If you die you still get credits for weapons and XP crates.
    There has been a change to quite a few of Wing Diver's weapons with the way they operate. Instead of the energy bar decreasing as you use them some of the weapons you pre-charge them then you have continuous fire (for quite some time) whilst your energy bar starts to increase again - good thing is that so far this hasn't meant taking anywhere near a full energy bar to fully charge a weapon. In practice it works well but quite often after killing an enemy I'm left holding a weapon going off for a good while without being able to stop it.

    One level let me drive a kei-truck about.

    Game-wise it is starting to pick-up, a couple of nice set-piece battles with the frogs where you can go 'urban' and try and flank them.
    Talking of Frogs,as I mentioned they can be tricky but I found out you can dismember them, you can actually shoot off their arms and once the arm carrying the gun has been removed they are easy targets.

    Seems to be more blood, when the frogs go they make big purple splats up the sides of tall buildings, or taking off the arms produces a stream of purpleness.

    Level 30 introduces dropships for the first time, the only boss though have been the frogs backed up with the usual red/grey ants and jumping spiders and the small drones.
    No wasps, web spiders or Hectors as of yet. There has been a couple of mothership type level's though.
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    On L35, last few have been in the caverns, L33 brings a new dynamic you first see in the training level whereby you are part of a troop and 'should' stick to the group, stray to far away and a string of arrows appear showing you the way to the leader. In practise you don't need to do stay with the group (at least on L33) to get success though at the final battle you can take control of the group during this final assault.

    L34 introduces queen ants and something new - ant eggs, which require a hit to hatch the ants. A nice touch in this one is that you don't wait till the end to meet the queens - rather it's a series of singles then double trouble at the end.

    L35 is a big beach battle of the sort we've seen before but a bit of a task on hard. I've also discovered that if you leave the frogs a bit too long after shooting the arm off - they grow a new one.

    In the weapons section, the damage rating for guns shows a variance eg 90 to 68 or 15.6 to 6.3 etc, I'm guessing this might be to do with distance, so further away less damage.

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    Reached L40, certainly the emphasis at the moment is to put the frogs on a lot of the levels and this is no different, loads of ants and spiders with frogs. You think you've reached the end when a number of queen ants are dropped in - and that's where I currently die.

    Interesting weapon type in the rocket section (I'd not seen or noticed before), you have a guided by wire rocket. After firing (up to three shots), as you point your recticule the rockets follow - works really well and if you time it right after taking out an enemy you can them pickle to a new one.

    Found out what one of the third weapons slot does under the abilities for Ranger, the detector ability puts a large circle around your character and once the circle touches a crate you pick it up, makes it much easier running around picking them up as levels get to the end and more importantly in big battles it's much easier to collect health crates for yourself and your mates as your character doesn't have to touch them and sometimes they are normally inaccessible if under the body of a large dead enemy.

    One of the vehicles 'EMC' is actually really good, it's introduced on an earlier level. Like a big death ray blaster.

    Final snippet is that now the XP crates collected may also be for the other characters. Once a level is done and the summary appears it tells you how many crates you picked up for yourself and those for any or all of the other three characters.
    This, along with the detector function and replenishing your mates health during levels is for me a big step forward, add in the upgradeable weapons and I'm really enjoying v5.
    I still feel though the first ten levels at least are a waste of time if you are a seasoned player of the series but certainly once you get past the early twenties it's EDF as we know it.


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