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    Yes, it’d be cool if they could get Snatcher on there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperDanX View Post
    @importaku Delayed but sounds like Sega are putting things right. in other words they have shown at games the door
    I sure do hope this means Atgames has been dropped. The section that says the are now working with Japanese developers renound for emulation is great news. Sounds like Sega have asked M2 to take the job.

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    It would certainly explain why that shatgames tweet was quickly deleted, sega really need to undo the damage of the years of piss poor plug & plays. As long as i can get magical flying hat on there & the emulation is nice then i'll be happy, if the delay is what it takes to get it done properly then i'll gladly wait it out.

    Would be nice for sega to make a tiny Japanese mark III console too, those white beauties have a wonderful retro look like the original famicom does it's design has aged so well.


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