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    RMD some Neo Geo games

    The Neo Geo is one of the machines Iíve got relatively little experience of, certainly compared to its console competitors in the same generation (which all currently sit around my living room TV).

    So... Iíd like to play a bit more of the systemís games, recommend away and Iíll give them a go, whether through Hamsterís Arcade Classics series or (ďvia legitimately purchased software on original AES or MVS hardwareĒ). To kick this off, Iíll detail the few Neo Geo games that I have played...

    Garou Mark of the Wolves: Iím not a fighter playing person, but his certainly gives the familiar SFII a run for its money, and oozes quality. Itís good.

    Metal Slug 1: sort of a non-sci-fi Contra laced with black humour, our heroic soldiers taking on the we-canít-believe-itís-not-the-Third-Reich. Compelling fun indeed.

    Neo Turf Masters: bought this on the Switch, probably my favourite sports game ever.

    Puzzle Bobble: played it in the arcades and on my Super Famicom... Technically itís a Neo Geo, right? I love it to bits.

    Pulstar: high-end R-Type alike, sort of a G&L ASAT to R-Typeís Fender Telecaster, so to speak. Bit hardcore for me as shooters go, but itís certainly something I can appreciate.

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    Money Idol Exchanger. Quality puzzle game.

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    There are loads of these Neo threads if you use search, this was the most recent for example -

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    Whoops, seems as if there was recent thread!

    Remembered too that I had played Windjammers and Magic Drop.


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