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    Retro|Spective 055: King of Monsters

    As the tidal wave of the fifty fifth thread crashes towards you, you see the glimmer of a monstrous shadow within the water...

    Mainline Entry 01 - King of Monsters
    Formats: Neo Geo, Super NES, Wii, Playstation 2, PSP, Switch and Mega Drive
    Arriving in 1991, this SNK title merged fighting and wrestling genres to bring Godzilla style city crushing battles to gamers. Six monsters are at your command as you pummel your opponent before trying to pin them to the ground for a win. Facing off in Japanese cities you'd work your way through your rivals but not your critics as despite making something of a recognisable name for itself the game was poorly received.

    Mainline Entry 02 - King of Monsters 2
    Formats: Neo Geo, Mega Drive and Super NES
    Arriving the very next year, the sequel changed things up massively by pulling back to three of the monsters and changing genre into a walk along beat em up. Now the monsters fought to defend Earth from an invading creature, the set up broadly the same for the MD version that reverted back to being a fighter. However, the series still failed to win over the masses and the short run ended here.

    Share your thoughts and memories of the Monsters!

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    I could only think of two games and thought there was going to be dozens of spin-offs!

    I probably like the first one best and played it loads in pubs blessed with a Neo-Geo cab.

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    In all honesty I find both King of the Monsters games to be a yawn feast. Then again I mostly hate wrestling games too. I though it was just me so I asked my son to play too. He wast impressed either. Oh well.

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    I had the SNES version and thought it was a bit of fun for half an hour. I didn't go back to it very often, so got rid of it after a while. I think it's a game very much suited to the arcades where people just have a bit of fun for 10 minutes.

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    Prepping for the next thread:

    Clue - Jason Statham Simulator 2002

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    I like wrestling games but I think they're both terrible. The grappling is impossible to win unless you strike your opponent first which gives the gameplay a very restrictive, contrived feel to it.

    They both look good and it's a great concept but it just doesn't work. The feeling of being a huge monster smashing up cities isn't really there. The movement of your character is so stilted that it's a chore to play.

    Such a shame the developers didn't pull it of as they feel like a really wasted opportunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Prepping for the next thread:

    Clue - Jason Statham Simulator 2002
    I should be thinking bald but my brain is saying this must be Max Payne.

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    Both good guesses, can see the thinking but a little less current than those two have been


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