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    Great impressions. This game sounds so good, I really want to pick it up. Maybe after Red Dead 2.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't start it before Red Dead 2. It's very, very long.

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    Given how overwhelming and difficult this game can prove (even veterans of the first game, myself included, think it's very hard) I decided to share a few pointers to keep newcomers on the straight and narrow:

    • Save regularly. Preferably every few minutes. And definitely before every conversation or battle. Party members can leave if they don't like your choices, and in battles if a party member is charmed (a status where the enemy takes control of them) then the AI will likely use all your best scrolls and items against you - which can prove very annoying if they were high-level items you were saving for particularly tough battles. Apparently even key NPCs can be killed thus rendering the game even more difficult. If your last save was 2, 3, 4 hours ago and you have to revert to it, that's a lotta playtime wasted. Saving often protects against this. The other option is just to play the cards as they're dealt. Indeed this is how I played (whatever happened I accepted) but I was lucky with my playthrough as nothing awful happened. No party members left and no important NPCs died, had that happened I might well have reloaded an old save. But, either way, save often. Make it a habit.

    • Create specialists, not jack of all trades. It isn't a game like Skyrim where you can become powerful in every field. If you're a fighter then put your points into being a good fighter. You have a limited number of ability points and they really matter so make them count. A good starting party is to have one fighter, one ranger and two wizards (one geared towards offensive magic, one defensive/healing). That setup can deal with most scenarios. After act 1 you can repec all your characters abilities as many times as you want and are free to experiment - and so you can create thieves and battle mages and pyros and all manner of imaginative builds.

    • Money is hard to come by for much of the game so should be spent wisely. Appropriate weapons and armour can be looted from the enemies you defeat and treasure chests so, tempting though it is, don't bother spending your money on those. Instead spend it on skillbooks which are the only way to unlock new spells, moves and skills. Oh, and buy every resurrection scroll you can. Your party members will die a lot and the only way to resurrect them is, yes, you guessed it. So when you see them, buy them. All of them.

    • During battles try to separate your party so that powerful area of effect spells cannot decimate your entire party in one swoop.

    • If a battle is too difficult, don't lose heart, leave it and come back when you are better equipped. The game allows such freedom that you can easily wander into fights that you cannot win. Sometimes leveling up just once more can make those fights manageable.

    • Unlock the pet pal perk asap. This will allow you to converse with animals which is where many of the most humorous moments are found. From idiotic bears, to arrogant cats, to sad dogs, to deluded rats - the dialogue from the game's beats is brilliant.

    • Spread all your items around your party members intelligently. If you have one character carrying all the scrolls and he goes down he takes all those scrolls with him and that's a big handicap in a tough battle.

    • You cannot damage an enemy's health until either it's physical or it's magical armour is depleted. This is very important. so keep track of both armours. Don't waste your powerful magic spells if it can be blocked by magical armour, likewise don't waste powerful skills that take a long time to charge when they can be blocked by physical armour. The armour system is where game differs most from the original and requires a much more tactical approach. Same goes for you. If one of your armour types gets depleted, you are now very vulnerable so look to restore it asap instead of attacking enemies. This is where the game really shines, because the game is so hard and the AI is so good, almost every battle becomes a tense dance along a knife edge as you weigh up whether you should heal and restore your own party or attack the enemy.

    • Try sticking to classic difficulty. Classic is normal. And, admittedly, normal is very hard. There's no denying it. But the next difficulty down is supposedly very easy (too easy from what I've read) and the battle system is such a brilliant part of the game that if you don't even have to think about the fights, if you don't have to employ clever tactics and guile then you're missing out on one of the game's best features.
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    I don't know anything about this game. I've just watched a bit of a video to suss out what it is (I thought it was a knight fighting game rather than an isometric dungeon crawler!).

    Is this better than Diablo III?

    Is it 4-player co-op?

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    Better than Diablo 3? I think so but then it's a completely different style of game to Diablo (they look similar, I know, but they don't play anything like each other). This a is turn based rpg, much slower paced, with deeper mechanics and systems. It's basically D&D in video game format.

    It is 4 player co-op, yes. Has an online arena mode too where you can forget the story and pit your tactics against other players in online battles.

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    Cheers for your efforts there @Zen Monkey ... having played none of the others I'll find that v/useful when I get round to starting the game (maybe when I finish Spider-Man, if Red Dead don't get in the way).

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    I've never played this type of game much, but the it really interests me. How easy/difficult is this and it's prequel to get into?

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    They're not easy to get into but persist and you'll be rewarded handsomely as both games sit atop their genre.

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    The game has done really well in its reviews. I will hopefully get it next pay day.

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    I'll sell you my (PS4) copy cheap. PM me if you're interested.


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