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    Sonic is definitely not as consistent although if you're bringing up Spinball then... Mario Party? In terms of the main games from the 16-bit era though, I don't feel Sonic's quality could be called into question at all. Someone might not like the games - they are not doing the same things as Mario games and that's not the intention. They're different games. But the quality is top notch. Unless SF was calling Mario's quality into question, which would be weird because that's around the SMB3 and SMW days, which are all-time gaming highlights. But in all honesty, as lovely as it looked, I'd question Yoshi's Island's quality before a 16-bit Sonic game and that's mostly because I think the egg-launching and baby-chasing mechanics weren't as tight and intuitive as the previous Mario games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg Thang View Post
    Sonic is definitely not as consistent although if you're bringing up Spinball then... Mario Party?
    I suppose. I tend to consider Spinball as part of the actual series, because I felt it was marketed as such back-in-the-day. I really wanted to get it; in retrospect I'm glad I didn't as I would've been disappointed.

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    I didn't get on with Spinball at all. I loved the concept and feel it should have been great but I just don't think it played well. But I would never have considered it one of the mainline entries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    Yeah; in fairness to Mario, the 2D platformer games are really consistent. People might talk about the New series as being a bit lifeless and dull, but I'm sure to people who are new to Mario, they love it, and it's certainly competent (the sales figures seem to agree with that assertion).
    I would agree with this, even if I wish that this wasn't the case.

    The DS original aside (only because that had been the first all-new 2D Mario in over a decade), the NSMB games are dull and identikit in their aesthetic despite clearly being competent platformers that play well as you would expect 2D platformers made by Nintendo EAD to do. But they seem to sell in big numbers, pretty much outselling 3D Marios by large margins (see how NSMB Wii absolutely battered Galaxy and Galaxy 2 combined for sales - madness!). I'm almost shocked that the Switch didn't launch with an "NSMB Switch" game to pad out the titles on offer pre-Odyssey, but rumours of a future Switch port of NSMBU/NSLU are understandable even if I personally wouldn't be rushing to purchase it.

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    I was talking in more generalist terms for Sonic vs Mario as this covers probably everything from their rivalry on Master System/NES through to DC/GC. The 16 bit run is certainly the closest contest and child me was absolutely in love with the Sonic series of the two but these days the two Mario Worlds outclass the four Sonics - As much as they're all great stuff


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