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    Little Things That Irk You VII: Seething Pains

    Time to roll out the red carpet of frustrations onto a new thread incarnation.

    Child Free Running
    When you discover that your kid hasn't just learnt how to get into an area of the house he isn't allowed into via a series of gymnastic moves, he's also stolen a Lego mini-fig from the area and stored it safely away for the last two hours inside his still worn nappy.
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    I’ve been waiting for a package that’s been sat in customs since the 17th August. I phoned Parcel Force last week and was fobbed off that they were just waiting for it to clear customs. So I phone again today and I’m told the same rubbish, but also given the number for Inland Revenue. After battling with their awful phone system that requires talking to instead of pressing a simple sodding button, I get through to a competent lady who tells me that Parcel Force are full of ****, they shouldn’t have given me their number and she’s going to sort it out.

    So, I get back to Parcel Farce and it would appear it’s not in customs, and it’s ****ing disappeared after the customs charges were raised. I’ve given the lady my details and she’s going to get back to me...

    It’s got four PSA graded Gem Mint 10 Pokémon cards in it from the 2014/15 Battle Festas, they’re part of the boy’s birthday present. I am not amused at the moment.

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    Strangely enough, I've got a package delayed through Customs as well right now... it was pulled back and reassessed for some reason. I believe it's now at Aldershot, awaiting the inevitable letter to pay thankfully...!
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    What's annoying is I've left my YouTube just running in the background, it's randomly selected a vid by "bowlestrek" about Dr Who.

    I'm not a Dr Who fan, I was up to the point where the Tom Baker episodes used to scare the death out of me at age 5.

    But this vid has an IMAGE in the background, quite a cool image of the Drs' faces, side-on, like Roman coins.

    And I see Paul McGann's side-on Roman coin face and I think NOOOOOOOO like Revenge teh Sith Darth Vader, this guy is no Doc Hoops!!!

    I ain't no Dr Who fan since da 80s, it's Teletubbies shish.

    I've forgotten my crescendo. I'm drunk again.

    But Paul McGann as Dr Who canon for a Spielberg US TV movie? Funk that.

    I despise Dr Who and its fans (in fact I'd kill 'em all using Rambo forest spikes but they have integrity, I'll give em that.

    No way was McGann ever a proper Dr Who. PETER CUSHING, you *****, he's not even included on that silly, side-on image.

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    ONE episode!

    And that episode was total ****!!!!!!!

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    ALL Dr Who is ****!!!!!!!!!!

    We are all ****!!!!!!!

    EAT THE ****!!!!!!!!

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    *checks time that Jazz posted*

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    Usually I'm in from 7:45 until 4:30 weekdays. However I was in at 6am on Saturday, then again on Sunday. Started at 6 both days so far this week and now they need me in at 5 tomorrow.

    I appreciate the extra money, but Jesus, I'd like some sort of life outside of work. I've barely seen my partner and daughter over the last week as I get home around 5pm and once I've showered and eaten I get to put my daughter to bed and then go to bed myself.

    I'd give my left bollock for a day off or even a lie in!


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