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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Hotel Transylvania:
    You can check out any time you like,
    But you can never leave.
    Good job the flight is one way then I guess.

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    My 26 mile hike for Macmillan was cancelled today due to the adverse weather conditions. Apologies to those here who sponsored me to do it, if Macmillan don't reorganise it we're going to do it without their involvement as soon as we can. One way or another you'll get your effort out of me in exchange for your donations.

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    Still hating working in reception. Urge to kill rising. I've already started looking out for job opportunities elsewhere.

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    News this morning. Someone from Which? was saying that there are fake reviews on TripAdvisor. They then had a TripAdvisor guy on, who they asked "Which? have said there are fake reviews on your website, would you agree with that statement?"

    The guy said "Not at all. There is no evidence of that."

    I just watched an adult man, presumably of normal cognitive faculties, lie on TV with a straight face. Like specifically say something quantifiably false to even a cursory check.

    All e-commerce websites have fake reviews. Like, I get that the guy might've intended to say "the fakes are a small number" or something but he didn't say that. He suggested there are "no" fake reviews. Utter, utter twat.

    I didn't watch the whole interview and I suspect he went on to clarify his position, but even so, very, very poor form.
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    Trying to buy Little Nightmares on Xbox store and it keeps crashing the app when I click 'Buy'. Luckily, I'm not losing any of my credit but it's bloody annoying.

    Anyone else had this? Don't know if it's cos I'm DLing the GWG Hitman right now but this ain't happened to me before. Take my money, biatches.

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    Just on YouTube watching a vid about Assault Suits Valken on PS2, I've recently re-fell head over heels for the SNES Stage 1 BGM and I wanted to hear what it sounded like PS2-style.

    Can't believe they did such a hatchet job on it. It's a joyless, retarded, soulless mess. What the **** were they thinking???!!!

    Absolute insult to such a genius original choon, absolutely mangled.

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    It is 2019 and printers are still heaping piles of dung

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    Printers are a total con. The ink takes the piss. I had to take my last printer outside and kick its head in as it decided to chew up a whole stack of paper as I was trying to print out something important on a deadline. The printer I got to replace it didn't cost loads and is pretty good on the whole, but the ink is a total piss-take. Seems to run out after minimal printing (and I'm really not doing anything heavy duty). This is with the "max" cartridges or whatever they're called too. I'd get a laser but I really don't do enough printing to justify one. Total scam.
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    If you filled a super cars petrol tank up with printer ink, the tank contents would be "worth" more than the car.


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