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    It took me 145 hours, you could probably beat it in less time if you really went for it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    Is that a good estimate for the platinum? If so I might have to just settle for a completion!
    I rechecked, steam says 178 hours but my save file says 160. I was 3 achievements short of 100%. Talking to some cows would have taken 5 minutes, doing a bit of gambling for the accolades would have taken about 20 minutes and crafting the gear that changes your characters' appearance probably about an hour. You don't need to play on hard mode to get the platinum either so, I'd guess about 130-160 hours.

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    I've hit the post game/3rd Act at about 70 hours, about lvl55 for most of the party (normal difficulty), didn't complete about 7 of the 2nd act quests which are mostly pep power annoying ones i'd have to respec for or the rewards are just crafting bits. Think i'll take a break for the moment as it sounds like it be a boss rush in the old areas, which is what most of Act 2 was.

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    The game's approach to pacing, endings and "post-game" are very odd to me. Spoilers, natch:

    I'm a way through "Act 3" now and thought the 'ending' at the end of part 2 was really weird. The only argument I can see to put end credits there are that you've spent about 60 hours at that point on it - but to suggest it's the end, and only leave a hint that there may be more to do, seems absolutely nuts to me? Calasmos is only a brief (and easily ignored!) consideration at this point, and dare I say, Veronica's death seems... reasonable?

    Keen to see how they wrap it up at the very end, but given I've also made it this far I'm also tempted to work on the last few trophies before I do...

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    97 hours, platinum.

    I enjoyed this; it was good! I'm a little sad now that we didn't get the 3DS version - I might pick it up some day as a curio, as I've a feeling the Switch version will be based on the PS4 instead.

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    Guys, help me out. Last day of PS Store sale where this and Persona 5 or near the 20 quid mark. Which one to go for? I appreciate they are quite different. I liked Persona 4, but I like traditional sword n shield turn based RPGs too.


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