Wish you could have a game of Civilization without the time commitment? Then this is for you.

The base game comes with four tribes and others are available to buy but not necessary to enjoy the experience. I've only bought one tribe so far but will not doubt purchase more. The base game gives you up to a one vs three mode which you can increase if you purchase additional tribes.

It's a 4X game stripped down to the essentials. There's a skill tree and different tribes start with different abilities which all seem well balanced. It's a cartoony style and the different factions are well differentiated.

There are two game modes:
Perfection - get the highest score in 30 turns.
Domination - wipe all enemies off the face of the map.

I've really been enjoying it. Playing mainly on the iPad but works perfectly playable on phone (iPhone SE).

You can play vs the AI, pass and play, or asynchronous online multiplayer (which you unlock by purchasing one tribe).

My online tag is LdJYfGo5TAaVGZ2y if anyone fancies trying it (I've not dived in yet).

Available on iOS and Android. I think a PC version is in the works.