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  1. #11
    I wasn't planning on buying this but couldn't help getting drawn in and picking it up on Saturday. After half an hour playtime I was worried it was a bit of a duffer (didn't really enjoy the opening mission), but once you get out on the streets and start bustin' baddies and exploring the map and building those Spidey skillz it's starts to be fun. Big, shiny, blockbuster(y) fun.

  2. #12
    Big push tonight, hopefully completed by bedtime. Entirely consistent with my earlier post - fun but distinctly average title

  3. #13
    I've done 4 story missions so far but have done all the towers and backpacks.

    I'm really, really loving it. It's nice to just traverse the city and mess about.

    Some more variety in missions would have been nice but that's the issue with superhero games. Go to crime, beat up baddies, rinse, repeat.

  4. #14
    I will pick this up when they start appearing on the sales forum

  5. #15
    I'm having a lot of fun with this. The combat is brilliant, battles are so much fun, and so open to different tactics while in full flow. The sights, too, are something else. New York looks, well, like New York. Swinging up Fifth Avenue and knowing Central Park is coming, then there it is, right in front of you, huge and detailed. It totally wowed me. And it genuinely reminded me of my first trip there, in the mid-90s during the height of summer when I went on my own. Seeing the landmarks in Central Park and the Museums looking exactly like I remember. It's like a virtual sight-seeing sim. I'm not saying it's a perfect replica, but it's close enough, and captures the feel incredibly well. Travelling around is never a chore either, because swinging through the city is fun, and there's always something going on that might require your attention (and I just can't say no).

    Its not a game that massively innovates, in fact it imitates many other games, but it also betters many of them too (I much prefer the combat to Arkham, for instance). I expect it may become formulaic at some stage, but I'm enjoying all aspects right now, so repeating them isn't a chore so far.

  6. #16
    I'm kind of leaning to the opposite, bar some production values at some points in the game this could easily pass as a standard third party effort as it's nowhere near Sony's other AAA fare. Finishing up with the game last night did see it start to become a chore, the later mission designs really start to slip into PS2 era territory. With the game Insomniac has done sterling work in updating the old Spider-Man 2 game design but it never feels like any ambition went beyond that. Combat I found to be perfectly serviceable but never as satisfying as the Arkham combat it copies, even getting quite boring later on.

    As with the PS2 entry, swinging through New York is a highlight, a feat a sequel will struggle to keep fresh without coming up with something other than collectibles as a distraction. Visually it can look really nice, it particularly stands out in areas where lighting is used to full effect such as night time moonlit docklands or high speed pursuits but at other times is quite ugly to look at too.

    It's an easy 7/10 game for me, sometimes risking lower mostly due to some poor mission design, but never once at risk of higher. It's not the best game of the year, or this gen... may yet not be the best game of this week either but it is fun and a very solid foundation to build a sequel on as long as Insomniac has the ideas and ambition for it rather than knock out a similar entry.

  7. #17
    DLC started coming out this week, with the first of 3 stories in the "City That Never Sleeps".
    Finished the main story, selling it on to a friend, then the long, long wait for the Deluxe digital version to be sub-$20.

  8. #18
    92% done.

    Just the main story missions to finish and that feels like it's building to something so must be close.

    I've 100% all the districts on the map too. Can't stop playing.

  9. #19
    And done with Platinum Trophy.

    Can't wait for the first DLC drop in Tuesday.

  10. #20
    I'm playing through it currently and although I appreciate that some of the mission types are just collectibles I do enjoy falling in on a car chase, webbing the crooks to the walls, stopping the car and continuing the fight in the streets. There has been a bit of a gap between the last two boss battles and I can't be sure if that's due to me getting sidetracked or the game's pacing. I think its giving me what I need from a Spiderman game though (Mary Jane isn't just a damsel and refinishing l recognising the existence of Miles Morales). Hopefully it ends on a high.


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