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    The Evil Within (All Formats) review

    I've played about an hour so, and it's not quite what I was expecting.

    I may be rubbish, but it doesn't seem possible to win a fight against more than one enemy at once, at least until you've upgraded Sebastian quite a bit. It feels like a message from Mikami to the fans who complained about Resi 4; 'you CAN do proper horror using this template'.

    The first enemy you face is unkillable, which is a rather harsh lesson in how to approach the game.

    The first chapter is a prologue, and then the game starts to build the action.

    I've got a few issues so far. The controls are a bit woolly, and I've had stealth kills fail for no apparent reason. I had an enemy getting stuck on the scenery a few minutes ago, which didn't do a lot for the atmosphere.

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    Was this from shopto? Hoping mine arrives today, but got to wait until I get home to find out!

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    Yep, received the dispatch email on Friday evening, delivered this morning with the first post.

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    Woop! Same here, looks like I'll be skipping the gym tonight :|

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    Starting to get the hang of it a bit more now. It's all about taking things slowly and really looking at the environment as you move forward.

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    Hows the combat in this mate? Does it feel clunky and old school, or is it a bit more fluid?

    Looking forward to all the first impressions and reviews rolling in over the next 24 hours.

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    Much more stealth-orientated than combat-orientated, at least in the early chapters. Sebastian isn't very good at defending himself; melee attacks leave you flailing, and the handgun is hard to aim with. You have to pick off enemies one by one, compared to Resi 4's crowd control.

    I'm into Chapter Three now, and the thing has just crashed on me.
    Last edited by Judge; 13-10-2014 at 03:43 PM.

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    Two and a half hours in, and the thing's just clicked with me. Chapter Three is a cross between Resi 4 and Thief. It's brilliant.

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    Excellent, which version you playing Judge? my copy has been despatched from Gameseek today.

    Can't wait to get in to this though fear I've seen half the scary/jump moments in previews/Youtube videos already.

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    PS4 version here. Quite a few of the enemies can wander the levels at will, so I wouldn't worry about not being caught off - guard!


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