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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    (I was just joshing, BK! )

    OK, so I play Marvel Puzzle Quest every day.
    I'm not sure how many hours that is, but I don't want to know!
    This sounds like a weird question, but why do you play it? What keeps you playing it?

    When I owned Tetris on various consoles (even up to the 3DS), I would be competing either with others or myself for a top score or a number of lines. That drove me to keep going, to try and improve.

    I just can't get into freemium puzzle games, because I always get the sense that I'm not really doing better or worse; the game is making itself easier or harder to manipulate my experience with the end goal of making me spend money (and judging by what I know about these games, that sometimes is genuinely the case). Similarly, they often have mechanics that reward spending, so leaderboards/scores are useless as I don't know if the other person did better than me because they had an easier time of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    This sounds like a weird question, but why do you play it? What keeps you playing it?
    No, that's a valid question, mate.

    I was looking for another OutRun game I've bought on Android (Final Freeway 2R) and saw a couple of other F2P games I've tried over the years like Dead Trigger, Dead Ahead and Pac-Man Monsters. None of those really made me bite and I felt the cash element was stronger than the game one, so knocked them on the head.

    Marvel Puzzle Quest has clicked because it's always been more about the game than the money-making, for me.
    I find the actual game is pretty relaxing and it's fun using combos of characters to win.
    You can play PvP, but I only play PvE (mainly), so there's no stress.
    I like the Marvel stuff, so it ties in with the comics I've read and films I've seen and they usually run promos to tie in with a film's cinema or home release. There's a little story with each event.

    I have spent money on it. You win new characters and buy roster slots with gold. I had a new character cover but not enough gold to add them, so I paid for extra gold. I've done the 4 one a couple of times and a 14 once. I'm past that now, and haven't paid for over a year or so.

    I don't regret the meagre amount of money I've spent on it when you consider I've been playing it almost consecutively for 1368 days (3.75 years)!

    I'm aware it's a Skinner Box, but I'm happy to dip in daily, get a couple of covers and move on.
    Sometimes, I'll push myself and get some better rewards, but I'm not paying to get to that point anymore.

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    Minotron 2112 was fantastic and the only time a mobile game was my personal GOTY. Was on iOS. Don't think it can be had now.

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    I think I'm going to replay through Game Dev Story.
    It's just so lovely!

    ChimpBox One FTW!

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    Good call, Chimp. Game Dev Story is great fun, actually. I haven't played any others but the Hot Springs one looks pretty.

    The Room games - or should that be the The Room games - are excellent too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishbowlhead View Post
    Otherwise all dross.
    What an idiotic opinion in the year 2018.

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    Monument Valley is great. I have the sequel ready to go too. It has to be designed with touch in mind. Couldn't play regular button games on a phone.

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    I play the recent Senran Kagura New Link multiple times a day. It's a gacha game with a light turn based combat system. I don't know if it's good (it probably isn't) but at this point I'm too far down the Senran Kagura hole to not play it.

    Also installed but not played yet are Girls Frontline, Love Nikki and that new Shin Megami Tensei game. I like anime girls more than giant green penises in wheelchairs so I'll probably try Girls Frontline before Dx2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toythatkills View Post
    What an idiotic opinion in the year 2018.
    And thanks for your opinion Tony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopemon View Post
    I don't know if it's good (it probably isn't) but at this point I'm too far down the Senran Kagura hole to not play it.
    I'm down in that hole with you, probably for longer than you, and I still fail to see why I should play the SK mobile game ;P


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