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    What's this about the Senran Kagura and holes?

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    You'd expect SK to be more about hills, but instead it's all about a giant hole, the hole that the director is digging deeper and deeper with each game.

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    There are some mobile games I love. And then on the other hand, there is any game that sells bags of gems/coins/whatever as DLC. Some games I love:

    80 Days - this is a steampunk retelling of 80 Days Around the World with you playing Passepartout. It works kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure where you pick your routes and make choices, aiming to make your way around the world. Replays can come out massively different due to the massive amount of routes available. You can even make your way around the other direction. There are lots of story threads and it's an incredibly impressive example of this type of game. I can't count how many times I have played through it.

    Sword & Sworcery - This started as a mobile game but I think it's also on Steam and is coming to Switch soon. Gorgeous pixelart and music in a lovely adventure. It's incredibly atmospheric and a beautiful experience overall.

    The Room (and sequels) - Started off like a creepy puzzle box game. You are in a room, there is a puzzle box in the centre and you have to figure out how to get it open by sliding things and pressing things and so on. The scope of the game widens and the sequels widened it much further with puzzles across many rooms and locations. They are all eerie and lovely all in one. Slow paced and yet rewarding.

    Florence - there isn't much too this but I'm going to recommend it anyway. It's a very short game about a relationship told in lovely illustrative style. It's just a nice experience.

    Organ Trail
    - This might be a port from PC actually... not sure. Anyway, it's Oregan Trail with zombies and it's quite brilliant. Old school pixel graphics as you journey across the US trying to survive the zombie horde. Play it.

    As other have mentioned, Monument Valley is great too as are the Kairosoft games.


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