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    2014 Ford Focus, I tried googling it but there's tons of potential causes. The main puzzle is most should have it doing it from the get go rather than after running for 20-30 mins

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    Might be worth trying unplugging the MAF, and see how it runs on the backup map/

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    Cheers, gonna finish early today and try and get it sorted. If something is broken as opposed to clogged up hopefully it's something like that so on the cheaper end to fix. Still sorting out from the last 2 repairs.

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    So, after 2 days in the garage we've had the car back this weekend. They managed to run up 2 errors: the first being a sensor and the second being the MAP filter. They've replaced the sensor and we're currently in the process of seeing how it goes to see if the filter needs replacing too or whether the sensor was giving a false reading on that one. On Saturday the power had a slight wobble for a few minutes, nothing on Sunday and so far nothing today so hopefully it's settling into being fixed...

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    Well the Scoob hasnít been boosting properly for months now. With doing the new house up bleeding me dry Iíve been slowly eliminating all the cheep stuff before moving onto checking the expensive stuff out.

    Turns out the exhaust has bit the dust. Cat 1&2 are faulty and all the gaskets down the whole exhaust are shot. Direct replacement from Subaru? £1000 inc p&p. Year but no.

    So I've gone for a sports CAT with a de-catted up pipe, plus remap, as a replacement, was the only financial option right now.

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    Cars 19 years old and has the original exhaust system on still. Its done well to be honest. The pipes down the line a still good as their stainless, but the gaskets are gone and steel fittings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishbowlhead View Post
    Cars 19 years old and has the original exhaust system on still. Its done well to be honest.
    I'll let you off then


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