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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Just had a quick blast.
    I'd forgotten how tough Final Fight could be!

    I'd also forgotten how gory Captain Commando was!
    Two seconds in and I'm slicing some henchman in twain!
    Captain Commando has nothing on Warriors of Fate, even the English version was censored in places! See the video I linked to in the opening post.

    So played all games quite a bit yesterday, the aren't any screen filters as yet, but let's face it filters normally look rubbish for these type of releases and it best to turn them off. I've yet to see filters that get even close to a real CRT, only one emulator does scanlines correct which is epsxe, should have included something, but they didn't. Might be patched in I guess, seeing as the retail release isn't for a few months yet.

    It's Japanese developed so the emulation is perfect. Downside is you can't see boot screens and the versions included are the final known English and Japanese revisions of each game, you can't adjust them. Pretty sure it's just MAME dumps, as I know the final English version of Final Fight hasn't been dumped yet. It should be like the Japanese version where the music plays as soon as the intro starts.

    Finished Battle Circuit twice last night, but haven't yet got to the hidden final boss, you need a score of 3200000 or higher to fight him?
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    Capcom have announced an update is coming for this soon:

    It adds drop-in/drop-out multiplayer, but more importantly it adds scanline options and a few more screen size options.

    Glad to hear this as I think the games look poor on TV without scanlines (though they look okay in Switch handheld mode).

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    Great news; game should be in pretty good shape come the physical release in December.


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