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    Completed this a month or so back while trying to 100% most areas.
    It was a good game but I don't feel I had as much fun with this one as I had with the last game, Rise of the Tomb Raider.
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    Looking back I feel like mechanically the game is the best one but they made a mistake by listening to moaner fans and thereby dialling back the set pieces and amount of combat etc making for a flatter experience. That and Lara is so utterly dislikeable in this one.

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    The loot in the second game kills it for me. Just boring!

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    I had spent an age wondering why I couldn't have any gun other than the pistol. I hadn't spotted the upgrade that leveled up weapon handling. Ridiculous. It's a bit of a trudge this game though I've kept at it this week as it's the only game I brought with me while I'm away from home. The amount of climbing you have to do is utterly tedious, and the action is pretty poor. Definitely the weakest of the modern Tomb Raiders. In my opinion they started brilliantly with the first (ignoring the awful QTE's) and have gotten gradually worse. Shame really, as I'd massively been looking forward to this.


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