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    The Derelict World

    <insert Zoolander derelict joke here>

    It's always been fascinating to see areas of the world where people haven't demolished a place or object that's no longer required, they've simply walked away from it and never returned leaving that place or item to be ravaged by the passing of time. Sometimes it's because the money isn't there to remove it, sometimes plans to rebuild fall through and sometimes there's no known explanation for it being there.

    Even if it's in some spam advert at the side of a page alongside 'you won't believe what he did next' or 'she had no idea she had a camera on her' eye rolling adverts, the overgrown, rusted hallways and caverns and structures tucked away in the world are eye catching.

    Maybe you know of somewhere or something like that you've seen yourself of have seen images you liked before.

    Share your discoveries of the derelict world!

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    There is an old photography website called Dark Passage, now seemingly split into two parts: Check the old stuff in particular. Some haunting places in there.

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    I'm also a big fan of derelict sites.
    Fascinating to know the history.

    Before I mention some sites, I have to get these two videos out of the way:

    Poveglia Island: Like Hell, But in Italy. The secret Italian island where Black Plague sufferers were sent to die.

    Spree Park. After it closed, the owner tried to smuggle drugs in the magic carpet ride! It appears in the film "Hanna".

    Kolmanskop, Namibia. Abandoned town after the diamond rush moved on.

    San-Zhi, Taiwan. Fatalities during construction lead to people saying they were cursed and funding was pulled.

    Pripyat, Ukraine. Call of Duty Modern Warfare!

    Maunsell Sea & Air Forts. Oil rig-like defense structures.

    Wonderland Amusement Park, Beijing, China. A half-finished Disney castle stands amongst the unfinished ruins.

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    Funny this thread should turn up as I've developed a bit of an interest in urban exploration recently. I especially love huge country houses that have been left to rot, most likely abandoned due to the prohibitive costs of maintaining them. It's amazing how many of them are actually out there.

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    Urban exploration is one of those hobbies I'd love to pursue, but I'm ultimately too unfit and far too much of a klutz/wuss to go for. I remember getting talking to a girl who was into it one time, and although she loved it, she did describe some narrow escapes that just made me think in her shoes I'd end up falling off / under something, getting trapped and injured and unlikely to be able to do anything about it.

    However, we were bumbling around my area for the 'BEAT' (Borough of Ealing Art Trail) this weekend just gone, and one of the spots we popped into had a lot of work from a photographer, Andrew Meredith, who'd spent some time on a photography project on an abandoned, Japanese mining island - Hashima. There's some great photos in there!

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    I always wanted to do the Manchester Underground tour but by the time we were able to they'd stopped running it

    Another theme park and local option, the still standing Camelot Theme Park

    That and the needlessly disused Manchester Mayfield Railway Station

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    I recently watched a video on Amazon Prime, bizarrely enough, about a guy who survived cancer and pushes himself more than he used to and he climbs into Camelot.

    He finally gets in and mooches around, with dramatic music every time he thinks there's a guard coming, wimps out of ascending the coaster to the top, goes to sleep then leaves.

    It's a lot less dramatic than the background music would suggest.

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    There's an abandoned theme park up in Scotland as well, Loudoun castle -

    And that's not to mention the epic ruin it sits in the grounds of -

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    This a cracking site, for uk based sites

    Detroit is a fantastic location for urban exploration- this book is my pride and joy and I have never seen higher quality pictures

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    Some internet sourced lookers:

    IM Cooling Tower, Belgium

    Maunsell Sea Forts, England

    And in their prime:

    Holland Island, America

    Though in 2010 this happened:


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