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    I suppose this story kind of fits the thread but it does remind me of that bit in Only Fools when Trigger wins the award for having the same road sweeping brush for decades before adding something like 'it's only had 12 new heads and 7 new handles' leading Delboy to ask how is it still the same brush then and Trigger responds 'well, it's right here isn't it?'

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    Canfrac International Railway Station - Spain
    Abandoned since the 1970's

    Union Station, Indiana, America

    Abandoned since the 1950's

    Psyrtska Railway Station, Abkhazia

    16th Street Station, California, America

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    Bavarian Forest - The Remains of the Longest Nazi Era Motorway

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    A decommissioned nuclear missile complex in Arizona that was abandoned for decades is now on sale for $400,000

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    Arlington, Mississippi



    Darul Aman Palace, Afghanistan



    But for once.... Now:

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    A detour now into the world of abandoned movie sets. Real filming locations where once production shut down the studio packed up but left the structures standing where they remain to this day!

    Malta - The set of the 1980 Movie Popeye starring Robin Williams

    Built from scratch by the studio, this entire town area still exists as a tourist attraction that commemorates the life works of Williams

    Port Royale from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise

    Still standing with props to this day

    Replica Concentration Camp from Schindlers List

    Still standing just half a mile away from its real life inspiration site

    The Bus/Train Crash from The Fugitive

    Filmed by literally crashing the vehicles together, they came to a rest by the track and the studio has left them there to this day

    The Gas Station from The Hills Have Eyes 2006

    Built in Morocco, the set still remains disappointing everyone who thinks they're close to a refuelling stop they need

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    Don't know if this has been posted on here but this is a great video of two guys exploring an abandoned Japanese hotel.

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    Awesome. Nice photography from The Proper people, going to watch some more of their stuff, really interesting.


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