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    Absolutely. The immersion and interactivity brings an entirely new level to it.

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    No, shock, I'm with Ted on his one. I think I was soggy eyed the first time I played that one. And it felt like a bit of an emotional rollercoaster straight through. I remember having great chat about it with @nakamura about it when we both completed our first play throughs, both blown away by how involved in the game we'd become.

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    I second these two (@Dogg Thang and @MrKirov): Life Is Strange had me feeling torn in my decision and guilty the aftermath brought by those actions.
    And also Persona 4G, which also had me massively guilty and I'd cheated on all girls - if only to see if I could and what would happen. I should never have cheated Chie!

    A Mind Forever Voyaging (Infocom): had me in tears by London Bridge, as I was on the 7:52 to Cannon Street. Great story if you like interactive fiction. Go check it out on a Z-Machine near you!
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    NieR and NieR: Automata. Too many times to count, but Emil and the twins were standouts for me. No other game has even been close. Automata killed modern gaming for me (except for the Switch) for a year, and in a good way.
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    Good shout @Nico87 when I listen to the N:A soundtrack in the car it gives me goosebumps.

    This thread is making me want to replay a ton of games.

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    Last of Us was next level. I don't get why most people gush over games like Gone Home or Life Is Strange, mediocre stories at best.

    Last of Us though. The quality of the dialogue and acting is on another scale. When everything looks and feels so real, the acting needs to match it and in that game it just does. That opening section shocked me to my core at the time. A bold choice to do it and it was backed up with a superb cast that made it feel like it wasn't a game.

    Other moments in games are Grandia. When Justin is wandering totally lost in the wilderness, trips over into a puddle and is sat wondering how he got where he was and what he is fighting for. Quite a moment.

    Agro from Shadow of the Colossus. That moment.

    Silent Hill 2, more shock than anything else .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Good shout @Nico87 when I listen to the N:A soundtrack in the car it gives me goosebumps.

    This thread is making me want to replay a ton of games.
    Aye, same

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    For me, the huge difference is that the gameplay was an obstacle to the story in Last of Us whereas it was integral to the storytelling in Gone Home and Life Is Strange. Remove all the gameplay from Last of Us and you still have the best of the story. It happened in cut scenes with the exception of that opening sequence.

    Also Joel was an idiot.

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    Gone home and last of us is all I can think of. Generally games are bad at this but recently they’ve showed promise.

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    Rime actually got me quite choked up at times.

    Slowly understanding what was unfolding and then the final realisation of the story actually had me bawling at one point.

    Becoming a father has totally changed my perspective on some stuff.


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