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    Nothing. I'm hard as ****.

    Although, just the mere mention of a dog movie makes me lose my breath as I try to hold back my tears. Alpha made me weep, despite having a great ending.

    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    Becoming a father has totally changed my perspective on some stuff.
    Absolutely. Stores of child abuse, in particular, make me want to turn into a vigilante barbarian. I do my best to stay away.

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    Gone Home and Journey definitely got me. I'd also throw in To the Moon.

    Notable for me are a couple that didn't land and were clearly expected to: The Last of Us (first bit of), and Brothers.

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    I can't think of many specific games that have moved me per say, although I can think of cut scenes or CGI (even game trailers) that definitely made an impact. That first Halo 3 e3 trailer for example; 'this is the way the world ends'. Goosebumps seeing that.

    But one specific gaming moment was this silly quest in WoW. I only remember encountering it on a second character I was levelling. In a zone called the Eastern Plaguelands. There is this questline given out by a small girl NPC who wants you to find her doll.

    She is dead, a ghost. Her father had turned evil. It's implied - I think - she doesn't know her fate.

    I think because it wasn't that long after the birth of one of my daughters, it really tugged at the heartstrings. And I was very nearly crying (I'm man enough to admit this!).

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    Loving all these middle aged men (me included) talking about sobbing during their console playtime!

    My wife used to enjoy tormenting me about killing collossi in SOTC. She'd say "Oh! How could you!? That poor creature was minding his own business and you just couldn't leave him be!".

    We're not machines - we have feelings too, wimmin!

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    Just remembered Ouendan, that one song towards the end.

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    LoU still puzzles me, I can kind of go along with folks being invested in the relationship due to the time spent with the characters etc by the end. However, the opening section itself couldn't have been more hackneyed, clichéd and predictable. It was easier to see coming than that steam roller in Austin Powers and the daughter might as well have worn a T-Shirt labelled Cannon Fodder. The nature of the heavily scripted gameplay also added to remove any sense of desperate stakes it was trying to convey. Personally, the more time passes, the more that sequence stands out to me as one of the biggest failures in execution Naughty Dog has done since they started these blockbuster narrative games.

    Panzer Dragoon Saga - Though I suspect it was intended to be followed up on more directly by a sequel, the end of PDS was bold enough to not be upbeat and that left a real lasting impression. Orta gave some follow up on it but though that game was great, the payoff from PDS was pretty much just fanservice.

    Deadly Premonition - I know we have a bit of a running gag going (11/10!) about the game but accidental or not I found one of its biggest achievements beyond making you approach it slowly and grow fond of the town was how it made you grow attached to Deputy Sheriff Emily through highlighting the potential for a romantic link between her and York even if it never really explored it fully given the nature of York and the timeline the game takes place on. She's not even that central to the plot, mostly just a decent, level headed presence in a town of odd folk.

    Her final scene... is gutting. It properly gave me a knot in my stomach and wasn't just very hard to take ending but it fully stripped away the tongue in cheek nature the game had until that point. I'm doubtful the clunky games impact would have been anywhere near as strong were it not for that scene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    one of the biggest failures in execution Naughty Dog has done since they started these blockbuster narrative games.
    Bigger than Nathan Drake being a treasure hunter, but if you removed the cutscenes, you'd instead think he was some kind of sociopathic mass-murderer?

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    Not a single game has come close to Ico, SotC or Last Guardian for emotional connection. They stand alone on that hill.

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    Stand out ones for me are:

    Brothers and Deadly Premonition


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