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    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

    Didn't see a thread already.

    Just binged the first season on a flight home to Aus. Wow best TV I've seen in a long time. I thought it was so well written and the whole cast put in fantastic performances. I really liked the portrayal of the human sides of the antagonists. Ali Suliman as the bad guy was bloody fantastic as was Haz Slieman who played his little bro. Special shout out to that Wendell Pierce from the Wire as well.

    I haven't read any Tom Clancy books so I don't know if it sticks to form for Jack by I quite like this version.

    I watched on my xz premuim so native 4k hdr and WOW the picture quality was amazing.

    I cannot wait for season 2.

    What did you peeps think?

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    First review I've seen, but I'm always suspicious when something is as heavily promoted as this has been!

    I presumed it was episodic week-by-week, rather than having the whole series, so I'll try the first episode with the missus after Bodyguard finishes at the weekend.

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    I'm having to wait to see it as we started but 20mins in the missus ruled it out straight away saying she had no time for watching 'another US show that's the same old b-----ks'

    So, when I get time it'll be yet another to go on my phone for break times

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    It's certainly not perfect, the side story with the drone pilot beggars belief, but for me the negatives are vastly outweighed by the positives.

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    Might give it a go; I've liked some of the incarnations of Jack Ryan - though I assume this is much better than that terrible Chris Pine Shadow Recruit movie? I couldn't even get through that. Garbage.


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