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    Finished Ending 5/Route E which turns out to be the 'proper' full ending, which was actually a lot better than the others I griped about. Really enjoyed this, proper fourth wall-breaking stuff, outdoing Kojima at his most wilful and also outdoing the asynchronous multiplay of the Souls games. It was quite a moving ending when you are

    asked to sacrifice your own game-save in order to save others, as the players who came to your rescue previously had done.

    This I did,

    and the game slowly eradicated 50 hours of playtime piece by piece (weapons, items, chips, quest logs, etc.).

    It was an incredible way to end - or to find 'closure', to be pretentious - a game that has been delightful and surprising throughout.
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    I thought that stuff was really neat. I atually really enjoyed it at that point. I found the 2nd playthrough to be a but painful, but the way it increased in pace each time was a relief.


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