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Thread: Forza Horizon 4

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    Funny you should say it carries from the other games because a LOT of stuff was added just for FH4 which I’m hearing some are now being looked at to get patched out or changed. I spent SO much time with FH3 I personally prefer it over 4. Australia is a great location, two expansions were good fun, Blizzard Island and Hot Wheels, this location had speed boosts, jumps and loops. Forzathon was once a week and you got rewarded money, a car and XP usually for each. Also if you had a duplicate car it told you it was a duplicate and asked you if you wanted to sell it for a fixed price (believe this is being patched into FH4)
    I’ve heard there were a few things that have been removed since 3 but are now being patched into 4, it’s just a strange situation,.

    Anyways if no one has got FH3 I would highly recommend going back to it, FH2 hasn’t aged well, FH is BC on 360 if you can find a boxed copy, personally I will rate FH3 as the peak of the series.

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    FH4 looks spectacular and it's novel racing in the UK in different seasons but if you've played the others it offers little new. There's also no real incentive to win races, it just keeps chucking new events at you regardless. The franchise needs to take a break.

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    First racing game since like Sega Rally I enjoyed. Nice and smooth and I could control it well. I wouldn't ever buy it if it got taken off Game Pass, but it's nice to just cruise around when you want to take a break from the gunslinging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marius View Post
    In what way has FH2 not aged well?
    I would say as an earlier title from this gen there is a huge disparity in the graphics. My feeling is that 2 was just more of the same after the first, but
    Maybe not quite as compelling overall. 3 hit verything on the head right

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    Ironically I think FH3 is my choice for weakest of the 4 games, there's admittedly little between them all but FH3 felt (outside of the DLC) the closest to phoned in, it was overly similar to FH2

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    I must get around to installing this. I've just noticed it has:

    1974 Holden Sandman HQ panel van

    1973 Holden HQ Monaro GTS 350

    So that's the two cars I'll be driving 99% of the time

    Oh and Aussie forza horizon will always be numero uno in my (admittedly biased) mind

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    I have got to the stage where the game is just ticking over. I do the daily and weekly Forzathon challenges and am sitting on almost 3000 points with nothing to buy.

    Tha main thing that is currently putting me off is the garage size. FH3 had a 550 car garage and less than 550 cars. FH4 has the same garage size. I am on 549 cars (two duplicates I think) with 4 cars from Fortune Island to get and maybe half a dozen from the car pass. I would like to congratulate the genius that decided to keep the same garage size and have a game with more cars than you can fit.

    Rumour has it that the garage size will increase when they have thoroughly tested it. This has been going on for a couple of months which doesn’t really bode well!


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