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Thread: Forza Horizon 4

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    I'm done too. It's just too much of a grind to be fun. It doesn't feel fun because it's so overwhelming but the content doesn't feel especially good. For sure the actual racing is great but I just cannot be arsed to find through another game.

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    Final showcase has fallen, feeling a little aimless now. This applies to many games, but I hate the whole checklisting icons of a map modern design thing. Linear structure every time.

    Pulled some snaps off the game though. WARNING 56K MODEMS!

    The Gamey Shots:

    The Promo Style Shots

    And finally the ones I like best

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    I did a couple hours on PC version and also I'm done. pretty much agree with some of you above. Pretty game but a bit dull and I don't feel like doing anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post

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    I think this is probably my favourite game of this generation so far.

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    Those shots are lovely, Supes.

    More modem-busting shots, please guys!

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    Im not sure if im done but i dont exactly desire to go back and play again. I think the problem i have found is after initially getting decent money from the wheelspin thing it has completely dried up and it has really become a bit of a grind but the one aspect of the game i really cannot stand and frustrates me most is the almost constant social interaction nonsense being shoved in my face, im not sure who there target audience is but it sure as hell isnt me.

    What really has started pissing me off is the dammed spin wheel, i have had 12 spins in a row, including 2 mega wheel spins and i kept getting clothes or bloody dance moves, what is this crap doing in this game, its evolved into a social interaction monster. Im sure there are many people out there who love this **** but for me it is cringing and just bad taste and most of all its bloody pointless, if it was an open world where you could get out and walk around with your avatar then it might make sense, kind of what Test Drive Unlimited attempted but its not so i dont get it. I dont quite know where they go with the series now.

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    I don't know if the Forza name restricts them but I'd want Horizon 5 to take more inspiration from the arcade roots like the DLC for FH3 did with its Hot Wheels course. The idea of a next-gen Horizon for me would involve a lot more stunt stuff, driving in and out of parking structures, jumps etc - kind of like rolling Burnout Paradise and Stuntman inspirations into the mission structure but without being as OTT. This touches on it but always holds back to the point of seeming a bit samey.

    I find Horizon 4 is a very polished title (though the avatar stuff is cringe) but like Forza Motorsport 4 it feels like the culmination. Hopefully they surge it forward next time rather than stagnate like FM has, they can probably feel free to take an extra year off too. Didn't think I'd say this but as much as I enjoyed this, I don't need one ever other year. Make it 2021, entirely built for Xbox 4

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    Don't turn it into trackmania. It's bad enough it has been diluted as it is.

    It needs a return to the first game. Proper road racing, progressive but linear structure and genuine progression.

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    Great fun to play and looks incredible. However... every event I've been in I can win by bullying my way through everybody. I seem to get rewarded with some kind of points bonus for crashing, hitting things etc.


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