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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    The words used are very much the clue
    Sonic the Hedgehog.

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    Maybe the first of a few vids. Still only getting an hour each night to play.

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    I couldn't even figure out what was going on watching it, never mind playing it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    You make it look so easy, dD!
    It's not that bad a game! This Jeanne fight in particular is so luxurious. It's like a dance. Totally reactive 'AI' - Inverted commas because you can force it to do what you want so easily every time. For example if you just walk around she'll hardly attack you - you can even spam parry and you'll counter her close range attacks and somersaults for days, but if you get close and start flailing about with even the most coordinated set of dodge-offset combos you're taking lots of heavy hits. Best to just stand back far enough and bait out her sweeping gun shots (perfect parry this for extended witch time) which she then follows up with a ranged wicked weave (failed the prior perfect parry? Evade this second attack for regular witch time instead) after either of which triggers witch time go in immediately with Umbran Spear (teleport - lock-on button x2) followed up with a combo or two. Come far back out again once witch time is over and remember to taunt to keep the combo timer withheld while her routine resets with a second gunshot spray. Repeat.

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    You do yourself a disservice, Dave.
    I've always loved your enthusiasm for Platinum games, I especially loved your lauding of TW101, which seems right up my street (but never had a WiiU), but they're a pretty niche company that only a minority of gamers get, and even fewer who can actually make the most of their output. You're in that elite crowd based on your vids!

    I dug out TF at the weekend and plan on starting again at some point this week.

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    TF is meant to be amazing, but honestly, I can't play anything else in the genre whilst Bayonetta exists. It's horrible. I started playing that Aztez indie game (which is utterly amazing, by the way) but it ended up just bringing me back to Bayo like a desperate crack whore.

    Here we go, last vid for a while. I don't think I can push much more out of this fight.

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