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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Bang! was our most played game on holiday. Really good fun ... and who doesn't love a bit of cowboy-style rootin' tootin' shootin'?? Brilliant.

    Not sure it'll compete with Fortnite now we're back home though :-/
    Bang is great fun! We have a few hidden identity games already (Ultimate One Night Werewolf, The Resistance), but I'm still tempted by this as it was great fun when we played it.

    Yeah, Fortnite is the video crack the kids crave, sadly.

    Numbers dropped from 7 to 4 yesterday for lunchtime gaming, so played a round of Ticket To Ride: New York, which is the TTR experience distilled down to a 20 minute blast.

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    One of the guys from Eurogamer has set up a Board/card/tabletop RPG YouTube channel.

    Details here ...

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    There's a new game from Five24 Labs, the makers of Mint Works, called Mint Cooperative.

    "Mint Cooperative puts you and your fellow superheroes to work delivering the citizens of Mintopia from the threat of periodontal peril!"

    I've backed it without hesitation on the strength of Mint Works.
    You can also pick up the reprints of Mint Works and Mint Delivery.
    Works is something I'd recommend to anyone with a passing interest in board and card games.

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    Played Munchkin for the first time this week.
    It's a Peter Jackson game and it's pretty silly, but a lot of fun!

    Basic premise is that you work your way through a dungeon levelling up.
    You can take on tougher (and sillier) enemies the higher level you are.
    You enter a room and either get a curse or fight an enemy.
    Beating the enemy or looting the room gets you new treasure cards.
    Adding the cards to your deck makes you tougher.

    First one to beat a boss in the tenth dungeon wins.

    I'm really glad nobody was next to us in the pub as we played:
    "You're cursed, and a woman, so have to take your leather armour off!"
    "I'm attacking an undead horse but it's tougher than me, so I'll use the "Party shoes", "duck of doom" and "Peanut butter and orc guts spreader" to boost my Elf."

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    When talking card games, do you mean like ice hockey or curling?

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    Is that not "Wildcard" rather than just "card"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    When talking card games, do you mean like ice hockey or curling?
    Whey ...

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    The Isofarian Guard
    A 1-2 player narrative driven boardgame featuring a fully voice acted storyline and musical score powered by Forteller!

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    I've been after a slightly advanced version of Mint Works and was recommended New Bedford by Boardgamegeek.
    Got the base game and expansion that allows for 5 players. Just need to learn the rules, but it sounds like a great worker placement game. You play some pioneers in the titular town, constructing new buildings and going whaling to earn money.

    Also through this week was a game I'd ordered weeks ago when it was on sale on Amazon for 9 called Flash Point, which is s 6-player co-operative fire fighting game. That's two more games I have to learn the rules for!

    At lunch time, I dug out Rhino Hero, which is always a blast to play!
    It's like a card version of Jenga, but with special cards to make opponents pick up cards, miss a go or move the Rhino Hero meeple.


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